6 Great Dating Apps You Might Not Know About

Tired of swiping left and right and reading banal phrases that don’t say anything about your potential match? No worries, the world of online dating always has an alternative. But to make the best of your online dating experience, you should choose a convenient and user-friendly platform that would provide all the functions you need and won’t become another useless time eater like Tinder. Here are six popular apps you may not even hear of.


Hater developers took the phrase “love and hate are the two closest emotions” as a basis for their product. The idea is that the program looks for potential couples, relying not on what we love, but quite the opposite – on what we hate.

In general, such a basis for a relationship is no worse than any other: we all sometimes want to share our hate to traffic lights, melted ice cream, or garden gnomes with someone who can understand us. Technically, Hater is not much different from other applications: you swipe down for “hate” and up for “sympathy.” At the moment the app can offer around 2 thousand topics that make a lot of people mad. Among them are Donald Trump, marijuana, slow-moving people, butt selfies, and much more.


It’s a classic dating application. Badoo works just like an old-school dating site: just fill out a questionnaire, upload a photo, and go date a lonely lady near you. The app filters potential matches through geolocation and common interests. As it often happens with dating websites, part of the Badoo’s functions is paid. However, the application itself is quite popular: it has about 200 million users from 180 countries.


Down is another dating app that includes the option of a one-night stand. But in contrast to dozens of similar platforms, it doesn’t match you to people you don’t know, including a search among your friends on Facebook instead. The logic is simple: why look elsewhere if the one you need can be just one message away from you? You just tag people you like (they can be friends or friends of friends), and if they are ready to meet with you, the app tells you.


The creator of this app, the architectural critic Didier Rappaport considers Happn his best project. The service uses hypergeolocation technologies. This means that Happn shows you only those people whose paths have crossed with yours at some point: maybe both of you went to the same store near your apartment or flew in one plane, or maybe you worked together or bought a sandwich in the same coffee house. So you don’t need to ask your potential match on a date. You can meet in the place you both already know. The only downside of this app is that it suits primarily for those who live in big cities. It’s difficult to find a couple in a small town.


According to the developers, Newpl is designed to help users find people with the same sexual fantasies. This application is mostly for the bold and those who’re not afraid of experiments. Therefore, the application’s website reminds users not to forget about their health and safety.


This app is for those who value intelligence above everything else. When registering, you can even specify that you’re “sapiosexual,” which means that your potential partner’s intellectual abilities attract you the most. Here, the list of questions is not limited to standard topics like preferences in movies, music, sports or literature.

The questions you need to answer in Sapio are much deeper and more interesting. The more questions you answer, the more accurate your psychological portrait is. And this, in its turn, will attract people that share a lot more than just taste for music and favorite color with you.


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