Why Your College Club Needs an Effective Communication Tool

The lifeblood of any organization is communication, especially in school. Time used to be when students were able to physically meet up, discuss plans, debate on topics and issues, or engage in group activities such as sports, study review, or charity work. However, with the fast-paced nature of academic life these days, not everyone can be physically present in one place all at the same time.

The good thing with mobile phone and Internet technology today is that people can meet up virtually, and that is just what a group communication app like BAND primarily does. It is an effective communication tool that keeps people updated with one another without needing to actually see the others all the time. These apps provide a number of features and conveniences that make organizing a college club or school organization easier and even more fun.

For Getting In Touch with Other Members

The primary function of the app is to serve as a dedicated communication channel among members, mostly through chat—no need to call or text individual members anymore. This also means less expenses on the part of the members. Separate chat rooms can even be created for individuals or subgroups for privacy. The app can also act like a virtual bulletin board where news, information, notices and announcements can be put up for everyone in the group to see. A lot of time and effort can be saved in reaching out to each and every member just to let them know what is happening in the club.

For Scheduling Events and Keeping Everyone in the Loop

The app also conveniently helps schedule group activities such as meetings, assemblies and the like. It can set reminders and notifications so that members never miss out on an event—no more excuses! Live polls can even be set up to know what the majority of the members prefer, or how they feel on certain issues or discussions. This is important in making each member feel they have a voice that matters.

For Sharing Media

Most importantly, the app can store and organize vital information and data such as photos and files. They can be sorted out and curated into stories, and shared with other members or groups. Instead of posting these on social media, making them available on the app is more convenient and immediately accessible.

For Networking Opportunities

A group communication app is also especially helpful in increasing the network of a school club further—to include sister organizations in other schools in other parts of the country or even the world, for instance. The privacy and accessibility of the online group can be determined by the users. It can be set open so that members can freely join and leave, or public so that it remains a closed group but visible in searches for those seeking other like-minded individuals. Nevertheless, it can also be made into a secret group, which is completely invisible in searches and known only to those individuals who are members of it.

All of these benefits and features are important in keeping the spirit of camaraderie within the club alive. Even if members are not able to see each other often, coming together in a virtual space that they can call their own increases their sense of belonging, thus contributing to the longevity of the organization. It can also protect the interests of the group by ensuring that information is controlled or disseminated in an organized manner.

Ultimately, the connections made in college are important when it comes to job hunting in the real world after graduation. A group communication app is where all of these ties begin, and where they are nurtured for many years to come.


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