Alexa Ranking: What Is It And Why Should You Care?

What is Alexa Rank?

The power Alexa has over webmasters, has become an issue worthy of deliberation. Alexa rating has been serving as a reference point for many webmasters. Many online business owners take it of great importance to improve their Alexa rating, as such they become concerned when their Alexa rating starts depreciating. Others wake up and run to their computer to check if their Alexa ranking has gone down. By rating the performance of a particular website based on certain criteria, Alexa stands as a weighing balance through which webmasters get to find out the functionality and progress of their websites.

However, owing to the tactics and techniques of gathering traffic information, many people are of the view that Alexa rating should not be placed at the top of the list when it comes to actually identifying how a given website or blog is performing with regards to traffic generation. Alexa rating is the result of a cumulative traffic record over a period of three months. These statistics is however gotten from impressions made by web visitors who have the Alexa toolbar installed.

Why Is The Alexa Rank Of Your Website Going Down?

If you reached at this post searching for “why is my site’s Alexa ranking going down and how to improve my rank” then here is why — the kind of users that your site focuses on, can be the cause of low or high Alexa rating. If you blog about webmaster tools, internet marketing solution packages and generally tech issues, it is probable that any visitor will have the Alexa toolbar installed; because they already understand the meaning and importance of Alexa and will be using it to their own benefit too. This is as opposed to the result you will get if your website is about remote control sail boats or pet food etc where your visitors may have never heard about Alexa and what it stands for.

Technological advancements have been introducing both profitable stuffs and threats altogether. The increasing rate of internet security threats and spams has made a lot of people hesitant to install any software, even when there may be some positive testimonies. People have resulted to trusting their entire internet safety on anti-spywares, anti-viruses and many other protection packages. With this noted, the Alexa toolbar, due to the technology behind its operation, is being identified as a spyware by many protection suites. This, simply, may be the reason why a lot of people are not using the Alexa toolbar and thus their visits are not counted in your site.

Alexa Toolbar

Looking at the stats on Alexa page, you get a feel on how this toolbar is used. Responses to the use of Alexa toolbar tend to be different with geographic locations. It has therefore been identified that many internet users from China have this toolbar installed. When coupled with the high number of estimated internet users from China, any site with high visitors from this area will inevitably have high Alexa rating.

So it doesn’t necessarily mean that your website is not getting enough traffic; but visits made by non-Alexa toolbar users are not counted. And this is simply why many people are agitating on the importance of Alexa.

Is Alexa Rating Really Important?

Obviously, Alexa rating is important, especially among bloggers. People use it for different reasons i.e. being exposed in high ranking blogs through quality commenting or guest posting, drives traffic to their blog, too, and also serves as a benchmark to improve their internet marketing strategies. It serves as a gauge or a weighing balance that shows you where your website could be found among other similar sites and thus, it is a good tool to use if you are looking to be at the top of your competition. Also, advertisers use Alexa rating to find a website or blog to buy Ads from, on certain niches of their choice. Since there is no other tool that can publicly record individual website impressions, Alexa rating, although not 100% reliable, it does remain a vital feature for tracking the progress of websites and blogs.

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