Free WordPress Premium Themes – Greatest Ever Collection

This is apparently the first post on and what could be a better time to post a list of over Thousand Free WordPress Themes! The idea of this post came from my past 2 days  online search for some decent looking, well designed, feature packed, widget ready, Free to use yet Premium WordPress themes. During my search I found out that it is not always easy and straight forward to find such themes though there are tons of sites and forums that claim to provide them. So I thought it would probably a good idea to try and list out some excellent, amazing, quality Premium WordPress templates, which are nicely designed, innovative, SE optimized, flexible, some are magazine styled and yet are FREE!

Free WordPress Themes (General)

Over 100 Stunning  WordPress Themes from It is one of the best ever themes collection from SmashingMagazine’s. Check them out!

100 Best WordPress Themes You Are Going to Use (and Love) in 2009. A Genius effort of WP themes by Check them out!

150+ Free & Premium WordPress Themes by . A superb list with over 150 cute and gorgeous themes. Cool stuff. Check them out!

110 WordPress Themes Pack by . A pack with some beautiful general themes for WordPress. Check them out!

65 WordPress Themes by . Check them out!

1000 Free WordPress Premium Themes -

1000 Free WordPress Premium Themes -

60 Wonderful WordPress Themes by . Check them out!

100 Superb WordPress Themes For Free by Ants . Check them out!

100 Really Cool Themes by Check them out!

45+ Must See WordPress themes by . A Inspirational collection of Free WordPress Themes. Check them out!

85 Beautiful Free WordPress Themes by . Check them out!

21 Stunningly beautiful Feature Rich Free WordPress Themes. This is a superb collection of pro style themes from WP Beginner. Check them out!

100 Amazing Free WordPress Themes for 2009 by . Again a top quality collection of some really cool WordPress themes. Check them out!

70+ Top Quality FREE WordPress Theme Resource by . Check them out!

Free WordPress Themes (Business)

20 Free Corporate WordPress Themes by . Corporate and business related highly professional themes. Check them out!

WordPress Themes by . A collection of business themes that are highly professional in looks. Check them out!

30+ Free Business Style WordPress Themes by . One of the Best ever collection of WordPress themes for small businesses online. Check them out!

Free WordPress Themes (Technology)

7 Free Professional Tech Themes by . Check them out!

Free WordPress Themes (Magazine Style)

80 Premium WordPress Themes For Free, by . Check them out!

45+ Free Premium WordPress Themes with Magazine or Grid Layouts by . Great collection of some stunningly beautiful magazine style themes. Check them out!

50+ Excellent Free Magazine WordPress Themes You (Probably) Haven’t Seen. Magazine Style WordPress themes for everyone looking out for a WordPress template! Check them out!

Professional Magazine WordPress Themes by . Here is a list of selected best magazine style themes for your visual delight. Check them out!

60 Free Premium Style WordPress Themes by . Many professional magazine style WordPress Themes to choose from. Check them out!

Hope you liked this post. If you have any suggestions to improve this post or you want to add your own WordPress Themes here just leave a comment and let me know.


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