How To Find Best Web Hosting Providers of 2011

How to find the best hosting company that fits the bill and serves all your web hosting needs? Today with so many web hosting providers cropping up everywhere, it can sometime be a very difficult task to find the best web hosting provider which is just right for you. Of course, there are the big web hosting players like Rackspace, Servint etc. But for a small organization, such hosting may not always be an affordable choice.

How To Find Best Cheap Web Hosting Providers of 2011

I agree, there are many sites out there, which make the best yet cheap web hosting research much easier and also there are some independent web hosting directories which contain detailed information of all the major hosting providers at one place.

At such web hosting directories you can read the user reviews and customer feedback of all the popular and trusted hosting companies from a single website and don’t have to look here and there and collect information.

5 Steps on How to Easily Compare Web Host Providers And Find The Best

1. Firstly, use Google or Yahoo and search for — Linux webhosting, Windows webhosting, reseller hosting, vps hosting, dedicated servers, etc — depending on your particular need. Skip all those web hosting services saying “cheap” or “free“. You will only loose your time with those companies. Add others to your list.

2. Once you have shortlisted few web hosting companies, check hosting company’s domains with whois service. If you do not know what is whois, then try You’ll see when the domain was registered and to whom. I would not host with a provider, which is only providing web hosting services a year or two.

3. Doing the above must have narrowed down your initial shortlisted hosting providers. Now, browse online Resources to know feedback for the web hosting company that you are considering. You need a new search “<hosting provider> review”, “<hosting provider> uptime”, for each hosting provider left on your list.

Read reviews, make your notes. But do not make decision based on one review. Read at least few reviews for each hosting provider. Also I would value review on some blog more than on a review site (because hosting providers can pay such sites for a good review).

4. While doing so, make sure you also pay attention to server uptime. I do not think you would like to buy hosting for $2 per month, and have your visitors facing “server down” page every day. Uptime less than 99.9% is a bad one.

5. Finally, check their hosting packages/plans. Almost every hosting provider has a package which would suit your needs. And do not pay until you have spoken (online chat) to their support/sales team. I would not go with a web hosting company who suck at providing 24×7 support and assistance.

As a final note, don’t solely depend on other’s reviews or advise. Think once before buying a hosting package. Today most of web hosting companies offer their services with Moneyback guarantee. So you can try them for a while before you decided to continue with their service. Good Luck.


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