How To Make Money Without A Blog via Ghost Blogging

Ghost Blogging! What is that now? You must be thinking something like that, right? Today, for many bloggers, guest blogging is a familiar term. But, what is ghost blogging? Well, let me let the cat out of the bag. Actually, ghost blogging (or shadow blogging) is just about hiring a blogger to write for your website.

However, the question that pops out is whether or not it is possible for a ghost blogger to earn some bucks. There in no doubt that, these days most of the blog authors wish to have unique and quality content for their blogs. For that purpose, many bloggers are even willing to provide handsome rewards to efficient writers.

Ghost Blogging: How To Make Money Without A Blog?

Now, people who love to write would certainly be interested in ghost blogging. If you have a craze for writing, you can contact bloggers who are in need of ghost bloggers. This is a great way to earn some good bucks if your writing skills are more than average.

Why Writers Should Consider Ghost Blogging?

If you can provide quality content as per the demand of the blogger, it is really a good way to earn money without any investment. However, one should keep in mind that content buyers always look for specific type of content, and you should remain prepared to deal with any type. Below are a few of the most common topics that are in demand now:

1) Tips on using Facebook and Twitter as social media platforms.
2) Topics regarding WordPress, Blogger & Zoomla technologies.
3) Topics related to green energy, solar power & LED lights.
4) Sports technology especially soccer, rugby & baseball.
5) Articles regarding eTicketing, tour management and event promotion.
6) Articles on small business such as business networking, entrepreneurship and evolution of small businesses.

However, you should keep in mind that each blogger has specific rules. If you want to successfully earn some money through blogging, you should first consult with the blogger regarding his/ her specific requirements and only then proceed.

If you don’t have, create an online banking account and a Paypal account to receive payments on time. Further, make sure the amount you’d receive on each article. Lastly, what you shouldn’t forget.

If you want to become popular as a ghost blogger, you should always remain focused on your article’ quality and not on what you are getting as reward.

Have you ever tried earning extra income via Ghost Blogging? Have you ever hired a ghost blogger to pump articles  into your blog, during time when you were going through a phase of ‘writer’s block’? Share your comments and express your opinions with us.


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