How to Use Google to Grow Your Blog

Google is currently the number one website in the world today, and also the number one search engine with over 50% of the search market. Google has gotten so big that it will be hazardous to ignore it, and if we consider everything going on right now Google obviously sends at least 100 times more traffic to most websites compared to all other search engines combined.

At least, when it comes to my nutrisystem and medifast diet blog I currently get 99% of my search engine traffic from Google alone, while the other one percent comes from all the other search engines.

How To Get Free Traffic Using Google

The name Google is the first name that comes to the mind of most people when people talk about “search engines“, and any blogger who is very smart will quickly realize this and as a result leverage it for effective results.

I have been studying how Google works for years now, and as a result I’ve been implementing the tips I learned on my medifast and nutrisystem diet blog, and in this article I will be giving you a few tips on how to use Google to grow your blog.

Focus on Your Content

Do you know that Google currently considers around 300 factors before trying to rank any web page? I know that is a huge number of factors showing that nothing is certain, but in reality one of those factors is certain, and that one factor is your content.

Over the years Google has changed how it ranks websites, it has introduced a lot of changes in how it calculates links, and it has also disabled and introduced a lot of new factors. Of all those factors, the only factor that wasn’t affected is content.

What this shows is that Google still does, and always will, respect great content, so it is very important to start focusing more of your efforts on delivering the best of your content if you really want to get results from your blog.

Realize that Links Influence Google Rankings a Lot

Another thing you need to realize in other to get the best from your search engine optimization efforts is that Google places more importance on links to your site compared to other search engines. As far as Google is concerned, links control the web.

Most search engines today rank your websites based on majority of factors, but unlike other major search engines like Yahoo and Bing that focus on on-page factors, Google places more strength on the number of links to your blog and the quality of those links

Capitalize on Existing Rankings

One thing I’ve observed based on years of optimizing my medifast and nutrisystem diet blog for the search engines is that it is easier to move to page one for keywords I’m already ranking for compared to ranking for a new keyword.

In other words, Google places more importance in ranking you more for a keyword you’re already ranking for. The best way to effectively use this is to capitalize on existing rankings. So instead of having to target new keywords, try to look for keywords you are already ranking for and focus on improving your ranking for them.


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