LayerOnline – A Competitive Candidate in Web Hosting (Review)

If you are a blogger and looking for a nice blog or forum hosting service and want to have something for your website that can enhance its performance by 10 folds, then LayerSpeed is the thing for you!

With their wide range of hosting packages you can surely find the one that fits to your needs. What’s more? Their every hosting package offer things like PostGreSQL, Ruby Gems, Mono, ASP.Net, SVN, JSP and various other as well.

LayerOnline - A Competitive Candidate in Web Hosting (Review)

We particularly like their 100% server and network uptime guarantee and the way they refund your hosting fee (on a prorate basis if the down time was unexpected and below 5 hours and a FULL month refund in case it was more than 5 hours). They also offer a Lowest Price guarantee – you show them some other hosting service that is cheaper than them and they will match the price and credit you with free hosting for the last month. We also like the way they buy back your current hosting plans and move all your files for FREE in case you decide to change your web host and switch to LayerOnline, which we think is a great thing to have while switching web hosts!

For almost all hosting operations, they offer various wizards and a nice, awesome interface that works way better than many other leading web hosts. Similarly, you can get all those commercial tools to commence your website without paying any additional cost. You can get site templates, site builder, site installer and accounting software for FREE.

LayerOnline Hosting provides green web hosting services for just $0.99/mo and that includes 1,000 MB of storage and 1 GB of file transfer. That should be enough if you are new to blogging. In addition, you can host multiple websites using the same $0.99/mo. hosting account from LayerOnline Hosting. Isn’t that cool?

Pros: LayerOnline Hosting claim to use latest hardware such as Intel Quad Core and Athlon Phenom processors, with 8GB of RAM, and large redundant disk arrays. LayerOnline’s servers are designed to handle large amount of today’s most demanding LAMP and web 2.0 applications without breaking a sweat. The servers are designed and built from scratch and every LAMP and even Linux kernel parameters are adjusted to allow handling of very large data sets for optimal performance. They constantly monitor Apache, MySQL and other applications’ performance and make adjustments as needed. All servers are firewalled and all software are claimed to be kept updated.

For tracking site visitors, LayerOnline Hosting provides Awstats. Among the three popular stats scripts – Awstats, Analog and Webalizer – TechChunks prefers Awstats as it is user-friendly and much more powerful than the rest.

With the threat of email viruses growing, LayerOnline Hosting’s servers are equipped to block viruses from reaching your inbox. And guess what? Server-side spam filtering is also provided to all clients. Needless to say all your hosted websites and blogs are DDoS proofed as well.Cons: On the down side, the only thing we notice going against them is their not-so-professionally designed website. This can create a negative impression on first time visitors (it did on us) and in turn can result in lost business opportunities, something we are sure LayerOnline Hosting guys would not want.

Apart from this they certainly look like a web hosting solution that any blogger would dream of. LayerOnline Hosting’s automated order system will setup your new $0.99/mo. account instantly. And within minutes, you’ll be issued with your username and password.

LayerOnline Hosting also provides a money-back guarantee with their $0.99/mo. plan. You can try out their service and get a full refund if you’re not completely satisfied. Then what are you waiting for? Go give them a try! 🙂


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