nRelate; A Great Alternative to LinkWithin Related Posts Plugin (WordPress)

We have heard enough from how important it is for any blogger to get traffic from Search Engines, Social Media and tons of other viable sources. But in this constant pursuit of getting tons of blog traffic, often blog owners and webmasters forget another couple of very important aspects — ‘page views‘ and ‘maintaining low bounce rate‘ on a blog.

But it simply isn’t enough for a blogger to receive tons of organic traffic — unless you can make those visitors ‘stay‘ on your blog by providing them with ‘related content‘ from your blog they will soon leave your blog and move on; thus attributing to a ‘high bounce rate‘.

Since, many bloggers or website owners struggle to increase their number of page view it is a good idea to add a related post WordPress widget bellow your article, since they are often effective in increasing page views and lowering bounce rate. This is where nRelate Related Content plugin comes in.

nRelate Plugin Helps Reduce Bounce Rate and Show Related Articles on Your Blog

From the plugin page:

“nrelate is not just another related posts plugin. Our patent-pending technology continuously analyzes your website content and displays other related posts from your website. This ultimately leads to higher page-views for your site, and a better user experience for your visitors.”

nRelate Related Content Plugin (for WordPress) Features:

nRelate related posts plugin is not just visually appealing but it has more interesting features and benefits as well. Some of the more obvious benefits of using this plugin are: it helps you engage readers, increases page views, lowers bounce rates and helps you turn casual one-time blog visitors into regular returning visitors.

– The customization of this plugin is so easy that the plugin fits perfectly with your blog’s frame and style (CSS). They even have a large number of thumbnail themes to select from.

– You can also set the plugin to show related content from other sites. That’s pretty cool if you have a network and you want to keep your readers on your own sites as long as possible.

– If you have not placed a photo in your post, you can set the plugin to display a default photo. Nrelate gives you the option of thumbnail size also, from 100 pixels up to 150 pixels.

– You can enter your own ‘related posts‘ title like ‘Check out these awesome articles‘ or can change the text to whatever you want.

– It is absolutely spot-on in generating accurate related content and thus helps your visitors in seeing content related to what they are reading/searching. Hence the readers might stick around a while longer and browse more of your articles.

– nRelate is not your average plugin, it comes with a service from their side that spiders your entire site and analyzes all the content, so it can not only show related posts, but really show related content from all over your site.

– On the plug-in dashboard page it shows you its progress and on the settings page you can determine whether you want to show related content with image and text or with just text, and also what size the image should be.

– However, the thumbnail for related post might not appear on your blog immediately because it takes some time to index all your blog posts and pages. But once the indexing is done, it is immaculate in displaying laser-targeted related content for your articles.

– They have a completely optional nRelates ad network to make money through . You can turn off the ad feature at any time.

– As an added benefit, because of the increased page views, you can also expect to see a sharp increase in your Adsense revenue.

Overall, the nRelate plugin works very well and does everything it says. Don’t believe us? Then ditch LinkWithin (or any other related posts plugin that you might be using right now) for a week and take nRelate for a test ride and be amazed.


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