Six Tips You Should Try When Nobody Is Reading Your Blog

Okay, so you’ve started a blog, you’ve devoted lot of your time in finding a hot topic for your blog, after that you devoted more time developing the content, but at the end you found that you are alone and nobody is reading your content. This leaves you sad and you’ve lost your motivation to such an extent that you’re thinking to quit blogging. Scary, huh!

Okay. This is the common and most difficult phase every blogger goes through. And, if you are also suffering from “Nobody is reading my Blog Syndrome”, then here are the six tips which you should follow to overcome from this phase.

Six Tips You Should Try When Nobody Is Reading Your Blog

1. Promote it! Time and again, we see that bloggers put all their efforts in developing content and do nothing to promote it. Twenty years ago, creating quality content was enough to get noticed but in current scenario if you are not promoting your content then you are just wasting your time. Because without promotion, nobody will be reading your blog (except you and your pets). Take the plunge and start promoting it among your family, friends, friend’s friends and wherever else possible. But make sure that you always promote the quality content else it can backfire and may harm your reputation as a blogger.

2. Numbers are not everything! Come on, don’t whine about stupid numbers. Numbers of comments and subscribers are not always an accurate gauge to measure success. Readers are usually busy (or lazy) people who don’t have time to comment. So don’t pay a lot of importance to numbers.

3. Take a break! Wait. Don’t get angry. I’m not asking you to quit. Try to get rid of your blogging addiction for a while, take a short break and get relaxed. Forget about your blog (if possible) and readers for the time being. Focus on other things which you wanted to do but couldn’t do because of blogging.

4. Invite guest authors! Invite guest authors to your blog. Guest authors mean fresh ideas, fresh approach, fresh content and fresh voice. Umm… Everything so fresh. And now you’ll be having more time to promote your content. Remember point one?

5. Generate more quality content! Yes. It might be possible that the content you are generating is not of the quality required for attracting reader’s attention. Go though other popular blogs of your niche to understand the taste of your readers. Try to find out their likes and dislikes and create content according to it.

6. Have patience – Grr! Learn to have patience my friend. You’re not alone who want to be successful in blogging. There are millions and millions of blogs on the web with the same type (if not identical) of content. Don’t dream about overnight results, unless you are blogging from another planet. Have patience and keep doing the quality work. You will definitely get the attention you deserve sooner or later.

Okay. There were the six important tips from me. Now it’s your turn. Please share your tips you want to give to fellow bloggers in the comments below.


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