Storagepipe Downtime Cost Calculator App For Android, iPhone and iPod Touch

Have you ever wondered how much loss your company would have to incur in case of downtime? The Downtime Cost Calculator from Storagepipe Solutions is a FREE web based calculator to calculate cost of a downtime for your company, website and even your blog. Downtime Cost Calculator factors in the basic variables that affect downtime cost.

Storagepipe Downtime Cost Calculator App For Android and iPhone iPod Touch

In response to the overwhelming success of their web-based Downtime Cost Calculator, Storagepipe has also published 2 new versions of their Downtime Cost Calculator app for Android and iPhone/iPod Touch platforms.

The online version of the Downtime Cost Calculator was released a few months ago, and now to meet the demand for a more portable offline mobile version of this application that could be installed on mobile computing devices and smart phones, Storagepipe has released the Downtime Cost Calculator app for iPhone/iPod Touch and Android platforms.

By using a complex math formula this calculator allows you to see instantly how your dollars are flying out the window in case of a downtime. Here are the parameters that Downtime Cost Calculator considers while calculating downtime:

– Annual Revenue of you organization (can be your website or blog too)
– Business Hours in a Year (transactions)
– Impact that a downtime would have to sales of a company
– Number of employees in a company that would be affected by a downtime.
– Average Employee Cost per hour
– Average Percentage that Employees are effected

To calculate downtime cost, just go to Downtime Cost Calculator website or install their mobile app, and provide the aforementioned information. Then you can start the calculator. Downtime Cost Calculator will show you how downtime cost increases with passage of time. You can leave the calculator running for desired time to see downtime cost of a projected downtime.

How To Calculate Downtime Cost?

The Downtime Cost Calculator web tool and the Android and iPhone/iPod Touch apps are completely FREE (The iPhone version can also be found in the iTunes App Store). For business owners and IT managers, this is an important financial tool that will help the company save money.


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