TechChunks After 5 Months of Blogging (Lessons Learned, Achievements and Blog Statistics)

If you don’t like blogging about blogging look away now. But I thought readers might find it interesting to have an overview of over the first five months since it’s launch.

As a reader of blogs I also like it when the authors let their readers in on the blog statistics. For TechChunks, there have been many highlights in these 5 months. When we got our first commentators/subscribers, when our first post got featured at PCWorld and MacWorld, when we were featured as the “Site of the Day” at SiteProNews, when TechChunks was interviewed at SpeakBindas, when we hosted our first ever Contest where we gave away prizes worth over $1000, when Google awarded us PR2, when we launched guest blogging here at TechChunks… too much to list. Also just the feeling of starting something from scratch is a great feeling in itself.

TechChunks After 5 Months of Blogging (Lessons Learned, Achievements and Blog Statistics)

Blog Statistics:

– Google PR from 0 to 2
– Alexa traffic Rank – 72,100
– 153 published blog articles
– 1257 approved comments
– Over 10,200 Twitter followers
– More than 20,000 visitors per month at the moment
– More than 50,000 page views per month at the moment
– Most visitors in a day 4968 (happened on Jan 29)

Lessons Learned:

However, it’s quite disheartening to see posts I literally spent all night writing having only a few hundred pageviews, while other posts that took me literally minutes to sum up are the most popular ones. But it is something that tells me quite a lot:

– People don’t like series. They like everything in one go.
– Top 10, Top 5 lists and How to style tutorial posts are popular. Very popular. Next comes latest technology updates.
– The majority of readers just want the info; and none of discussion stuff that I like to shoehorn in.
– Writing about Twitter, iPhone, Google, WordPress or even Windows is a surefire way to generate some buzz among your readers.

20 Most Popular Articles on TechChunks in these 5 Months:

Finally, thanks for reading/subscribing/commenting on TechChunks and we hope that we can continue providing interesting content for you to come back again and again. Happy Blogging 🙂


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