TechChunks is Google Page Rank 2 Now and Wishes You A Happy New Year 2010

In this part of the world as I sit down to write this post, it is hardly 5 more hours to go before billions of people around the world will turn over the page on a new calendar year and enter into a whole New Year 2010. This has been a fabulous year for TechChunks since we launched it in September 2009. It is self-assuring to to see us grow from a newbie blog into a popular Technology blog in these past 3 months. With around 735 Comments, over 9,615 Twitter Followers, over 100 posts and most importantly with readers like you who make sure you visit us on a daily basis and leave comments to show us your support and appreciation, we think it is about time we say thanks to all of you and wish you all a Brilliant and Prosperous New Year 2010. 🙂

TechChunks Wishes You A Happy New Year 2010

Hope 2010 brings you a heap of recession-unfriendly gadgets to accumulate on your desk top. May you drip in diamonds, sleep in the bed of iPhones and Blackberries and smother under the weight of a million fur stoles (in a good way). I look forward to hearing from you all again in the new year and reading of your fabulous experiences that depict how technology savvy you are. Pop a cork my friends and get partying! 😀

What’s more? TechChunks is Google Page Rank 2 Now:
This came like a nice little pleasant surprise to us. Just few minutes back we were informed about the Latest Google PR update (via and we have been promoted to a PR 2 (from a PR 0). What could have been a better way to step into a new year? 😉

We wish that the Google God continues to shine it’s blessings upon us in 2010 as well and more importantly “YOU”, our readers who are the greatest asset of TechChunks, continue to bestow your support. Once again, wish you all a Brilliant and Prosperous New Year 2010. Have a Rocking New Year eve tonight 😛


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