Top 10 Best WordPress Plug-ins in 2013

The year 2012 brought Penguin and Panda updates to Google and an estimated 51 million new websites to the web. Interestingly, WordPress has become a staple for website designers and bloggers these days and in fact 22% of all websites run WordPress. If you’re one of the nine million users of WordPress, certain plug-ins can help your website stand out from the crowd in 2013. To be honest, one of the main reasons to love WordPress is the availability of WordPress plugins. A lot of WordPress plugins are available for different purpose. Most are free and some are paid.

Best WP Plugins in 2013 (so far…)

Here are the top 10 most popular WordPress plugins given below to increase your blog performance. The following ten plug-ins represent social media, SEO and design features that your website shouldn’t be without. Finding the Best WordPress plugin that increases your blog’s performance is not easy. So here I am going to share the top 10 WordPress plugins for 2013. Checkout the plugins and install it on your WordPress blog. The top WordPress plugins given below are most downloaded WordPress plugin in WordPress plugin directory. So if you have a blog on WordPress, you must install some of them on your blog according to your need.

Top WP Plug-ins to Make Your Website Faster and User-friendly

W3 Total Cache is vital when it comes to reducing your page’s loading time. Ultimately, the benefits of this plug-in go beyond the user’s experience: Google likes pages that load faster, so W3 will help your SEO as well.

On a purely aesthetic level, optimising images and photographs is a necessity for your web design. NextGen is a nifty -plug-in that makes uploading images simple and intuitive. Plus, if you are a photographer, you can add watermarks to your images to ward off image thieves.

Finding an easy-to-use contact form can be difficult among the sea of available options; Contact Form 7 is a customizable plug-in that requires a simple shortcode copy-and-pasting rather than elaborate coding.

Go Mobile

Now that a lot of Internet browsing is done on Smartphones, making your website compatible with mobile browsers is more important than ever. Uppsite is a plug-in that adjusts your website for Smartphones without you having to do, well, anything. Not only that, but it will help you publish iPhone, Android, and Windows Phone apps for your site – giving your user an even more comprehensive experience.

Find Your Own Penguin

We anticipate an update to Penguin, Google’s anti-spam algorithm, later this year. In the meantime, Akismet is a handy WP security plug-in that serves as your personal Panda, identifying pesky spam comments and moving them to a spam page to be approved or deleted by you, meaning you don’t have to go through comments and delete them yourself.

Capitalize on the Social Media Trend

Digg Digg is a comprehensive social media plug-in that makes sharing your website on Facebook, Google+, and other social media sites a simple click of a button. It’s customizable, user-friendly and it looks good.

If you’re an active tweeter, Rotating Tweets will do exactly what it says in its title: display your tweets on rotation for consideration by your sites’ visitors. The best part? It even works when Twitter is down.

Tap into SEO Resources

Whether you’re new to the importance of SEO or a veteran search engine optimizer, HeadSpace2 is a comprehensive collection of SEO techniques and tools for your website. It helps you configure meta-data, allows you to define your keywords, and can consolidate popular SEO plug-ins like Google Analytics.

Go Global

New plug-in Polylang is a step beyond Google Translate for optimizing your website’s global platform. It will translate your posts, pages, menus and categories into foreign languages from Lithuanian to Latvian. For an even more global reach, Polylang is a plug-in worth downloading.


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