Top 10 Secrets You Never Knew About Your Blog Readers

Few days back I wrote an article about Six things you can do when nobody is reading your blog and got some interesting replies about increasing your reader base and traffic. Based on the comments we got that time, in this post, I’ve tried to highlight some of the common behavioral traits of a blog reader (including ME) like how the blog readers react when they land at your blog, what was going through their mind at that time, what they were expecting from you and other similar things. So, here is the list.

10 Secrets You Never Knew About Your Blog Readers

They have lot of options: Yes, no matter what kind of information you are trying to share with your readers or what kind of niche you are in, your readers always have large number of options to select from.

They want best of the best: Since they have lot of options they don’t want to compromise with quality. They only want best of the best information, advice, suggestions or anything else for themselves.

They don’t have time: If they can’t get the information they are searching for instantly they will simply turn away and move to another blog. They don’t want to put any efforts for searching the information and prefer to have everything on their plates.

They give importance to Visual appearance: They won’t stop on your blog in case your blog looks similar to other thousands of blogs in your niche. To grab their attention you need to have a unique or weird kind of design.

First impression is very important: They won’t come to your blog again in case your blog/website has a negative first impression on them. This negative impression could be anything like slow loading time, auto playing of music, pop ups, lots of advertisements etc.

They are selfish (no offense dear readers):They don’t care to write a thank-you e-mail or to leave a comment on your posts even if they liked your content and found it helpful. They come, take the information they need and leave.

They want personalized attention: Mostly the readers don’t comment but in case if they do comment or send you an email they need you to contact them as soon as possible. If you don’t, they will label you as an egoistic person and won’t come to your blog again.

They love credibility: They won’t follow your advice or recommendations in case if they don’t know you personally or if you are not popular enough and have some credibility in your niche.

They take their decision instantly: They love clicking and always have multiple tabs open in their web browser. If they can’t find your blog interesting enough in the first few seconds of your visit they will close the tab.

They are always looking for something different: They don’t want to go thought the things which they already know about. They always expect to learn something new from you whenever they come to your blog and failure to do so disappoints them and send negative signals to them.

These were the ten things, which I could think of. Feel free to share your opinions in the comment below.


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