Top 3 Best SEO Tips to Make Your Blog Stand Out

The blogosphere is nothing if not crowded. If you have a few minutes to spare try and think of something that hasn’t been blogged about in some capacity. I just tried myself and came up with a predictably useless response. Kippers are what I thought, because as a breakfast food they go pretty much under the radar, whilst as a fish they are not amongst the more spectacular of our oceans’ residents.

Sorry, a nonsense opening gambit there. Anyway, with so many blogs in circulation simply crying out to be read, how, as a blogger, do you ensure your work receives the attention it deserves? Well friends, welcome to the world of search engine optimization (SEO). Do you want to grow the awareness of your blog to expand its reach and influence? While many bloggers won’t admit it publicly, most want other people to read their posts, to share them broadly, and to recognize them for the great content and effort they’ve put in to creating them. Hopefully these top SEO tips for bloggers will help to get your blog noticed.

Less is More!

As much as users prefer to look at a colorful, interesting webpage, make sure you don’t overdo it. Images are great, they look pretty, but they can increase the time it takes for a browser to display your page. Slow load times are a crucial factor in SEO, and it is not just images that can leave your site floundering: tools, scripts and plug-ins can all have a detrimental effect on the time it takes your web page to load. If you’re not visible in the search engine rankings then you’ll face an uphill battle to get noticed.

Become a Meta Expert

In terms of SEO, if there’s one thing you should understand as a blogger, it is how to make the most of your meta data. Keyword spamming is not the answer. Best practice for a title tag is not to include more than 65 characters, and this should include your keyword or term. For example, if you’d like to be found in the search results for the keyword term ‘security systems’, as way of a pretty bland example, then that phrase should be included somewhere in your title tag, so something like, ‘the latest security systems to protect your home’, wouldn’t be the world’s worst title tag.

In your meta description you have 155-160 characters to play with, and this should include your keyword or phrase at least once, twice if possible. Meta keywords should include the keywords or phrases you would like your blog to be shown in the search results for, although the importance of meta keywords has diminished greatly in terms of the Google algorithms over the last few years; however, it certainly can’t hurt the growth of your blog if you include them.

Build Links Selectively

Link building is more about quality than quantity. Relevant links are all important. If you’re linking to web pages or blogs which seemingly have no relation to your blog, then the next time the Google spiders come-a-crawling you could find yourself left out in the cold. Classic examples of link spam include those from gambling sites, p0rn sites and [email protected] retailers.

Don’t be tempted, it really isn’t worth your while. Another no-no is to link to sites with poor quality content, as you are likely to be tarnished with the very same brush. What you’re looking for is links from blogs which are related to yours in terms of their subject matter. An excellent method of obtaining good quality links is to write high-quality, original content for guest blogging sites, and the more powerful the site you guest blog for, the better.

There are of course plenty of other approaches you can take to help your blog rank as highly as possible, although these three points really do encapsulate the fundamentals. We sincerely hope they help your blog attract the attention it deserves.

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