Top 3 Best Ways For Bloggers To Avoid Procrastination Online

The best way for bloggers (both full-time professionals and part-timers) to avoid procrastination online, many would say, is to not go online in the first place. The internet is a very big, very distracting place and the best way to get on with what we’re actually supposed to be doing is often simply to hide the Ethernet cable and come offline entirely.

Sometimes, though, that’s not an option. Those of us who use the internet to work must learn to live, like a bartender with a drinking problem, side by side with temptation.

Even the ‘just turn the broadband off’ school of thought most likely need to use a computer, at least now and then, and that means they could also benefit from some of the best and proven anti-procrastination tips (techniques) below.

So without further ado, we’re all supposed to be doing something else after all, here are our three top picks.

1. Use a Distraction Free Desktop

Distraction-free desktops keep computers screens minimalist so that you can avoid seeing the nagging things on your desktop you haven’t got done yet and, hopefully, stop that nagging feeling stopping you work, too.

Ommwriter and Focuswriter are some of our favorites – they’re both just very simple word processors with all the functions available through keyboard shortcuts.

For distraction-free reading try the Readability download, it turns every site crowded with links and sidebars into a clear page of black type on a white background. Much easier to concentrate.

2. Keep Track of Your Time Online

If lists and time management really help you to concentrate there’s a wealth of software online to help with that.

Many rely on you adding extra time for organization to your day, though, which could just give you another task to procrastinate to avoid.

RescueTime is one application we know of that manages to sidestep that: it monitors the web sites and applications you use so that you can see how you’re using your time and set goals to do things faster as you go on. Also, look for these 15 signs to tell if You are Addicted to The Internet!

3. Obtract Keeps Procrastination to a Minimum

Finally, at there’s a smart little download that recognises the necessity of procrastination but helps you stop it taking up your whole working day.

You choose the sites or applications that are major distractions – Facebook and Twitter are bound to be up there, isn’t it? – and the software allow you five minutes an hour of your treat.

After the time’s up, you’ll have to do a maze to keep being distracted and the longer your procrastinate the more difficult the puzzle will get. The puzzle is meant to wake you up to the fact that you’re getting distracted so that you can stop.

Guest Author: This is a guest article from broadband deals site Choose, which covers UK broadband including BT infinity.


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