Top 3 Best Ways to Ensure Regular Fresh Blog Content

In the beginning, writing a blog feels like Christmas morning; things are ever so easy and rather thrilling. You’re so caught up in the joy that you can’t imagine a day when you would ever stop writing blog posts. Unfortunately, things won’t always be that easy; in fact, there will likely come a day when you are too overwhelmed or too tired to post a daily blog update. Is that a bad thing? Skipping daily posts is not same as fighting and overcoming writers block as a blogger!

Well, skipping a blog post for a day or two is fine – if it’s only on occasion. We all have those days when work piles up on us, or we don’t catch enough sleep the night before and desperately need a nap. But if skipping blog posts becomes a pattern though, that’s when you start treading dangerous water. Once you start skipping posts, it gets easier and easier to turn it into a habit. It’s not only that Google and other search engines LOVE fresh new content, it is a proven fact that website traffic goes down when you are not posting new material on a regular basis. Consistency is the best way to increase your traffic/audience and to keep them coming back to your blog or website.

For those of you who have been missing daily posts more often than you should, here are top three most useful tips for getting your blog back on track.

Guest Posts

It’s hard to run an entire blog by yourself. That’s why many people allow other bloggers to contribute to their personal blog. There are two efficient ways to integrate guest posts into your blog. One way to do this is to invite fellow bloggers you know and trust to publish posts directly to your account. I caution you on this specific idea because you want to make sure to keep up the quality of your work, and leaving your posts in the hands of others can be risky; yet if you choose your contributors wisely, it shouldn’t be too much on a concern. The other way to use guest posts is to invite readers to email you posts to use on your blog. If you decide to take this avenue, it’s important to have a set of guidelines in place, such as specific topics you require, a minimum word count, a maximum number of outside links, and anything else you want to specify or require.

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Scheduled Posts

Nowadays, many blogs are designed so that you can write up content and save it for later use. One great blessing in all this is the fact that people are now able to schedule their posts to publish at a specified date and time. I know firsthand how great this tool is, especially for those days you know you are going to be out of town or be unable to log on to your blog. I also utilize this tool for those occasions when I have some spare time on my hands and feel like getting a little ahead of the game. By writing up content in your free time and scheduling posts, you are less likely to run into letting your blog fall to the wayside.

Short Posts

Blogging is a self-interpreted art form, which means there are absolutely no guidelines you have to adhere to. When I started letting my blog fall off the map, I realized it was because I was putting too much pressure on myself to reach a certain word count each and every time. However, it wasn’t until I started looking over some of my favorite blogs that I realized many of them actually publish very short posts. I never seemed to mind their brevity; in fact, I loved it. The best blog writing is concise and to-the-point, so even if you don’t feel like updating your blog, go ahead and try to write a quick post. It’ll keep your blog relevant and not put so much pressure on you as well.

Although it can be quite challenging at times, running a blog is a rewarding enterprise. If you ever find yourself overwhelmed at the amount of blogging you have to do each day, try and integrate these three habits into your blogging agenda. I’ve seen too many blogs fall off the map out there to let another one fail!

Guest Author: This is a guest post by blog junkie and full time writer Eliza Morgan. Eliza enjoys imparting useful and practical lending and debt advice to the blogging community. If you have any questions email her at [email protected]


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