Top 5+ Best Benefits of Having Video Tile on Your Site

Wondering what is a video tile? A video tile is a video of a live spokesperson giving a detailed description of what visitors to your site are seeing or what your site has to offer. The video is layered over the graphics on your site to create an interactive effect that is both visually and audibly appealing. As the old adage goes — a picture is worth a thousand words; similarly, a video is worth a thousand pictures! The benefits of such an addition to your website are uncanny.

Videos Drive Traffic

In a realm where search engine optimization is king, videos seem to rate highly in the rankings. Increased traffic to your website alone is a great reason to have a video tile, but there are more benefits than that.

Grabs Attention

The spokesperson grabs the attention of visitors immediately by beginning their bit as soon as a visitor lands on the page. The visitor might be startled initially, but will remain on the site to hear more about what this individual has to say. Even as they peruse the text and other images on the page, the audio message can be heard. This essentially gives visitors a multi-sensory experience on your website.

Communicates More Effectively

It is said that a picture is worth a thousand words. When that image speaks, the number of words increases exponentially. People in general, and especially people on the Internet, are more likely to listen to a short video piece than they are to read every word on your website. A video tile is effective way to present information quickly and easily, motivating visitors to stay on the site longer.

Increases Time Spent on The Site

Even though the message is presented more succinctly, research has shown that visitors tend to stay on the site longer when a video tile is present. Perhaps they hear something about which they want to learn more or they are interested to hear more explanations about what the company offers.

More Inquiries on Your Site

Because information is provided efficiently and effectively, and because visitors tend to stay on the site longer, your website elicits more (and better) inquiries from visitors. The video tile, obviously, cannot answer questions so potential customers have to take a different plan of action to retrieve the information they seek. (Note: be sure to include a call to action to point them in the right direction.) These types of inquiries are essentially qualified leads that can be readily converted to sales.

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Positive Visitor Feedback

Visitors to sites with video tiles report a more positive website experience. Sites are more easily understood, easier to navigate and overall more informative. Again, the longer a visitor stays on the site, the more likely you will be to see a conversion from their visit. In addition to making the sale, you will have indirectly provided quality customer service as well.

Overall, a video tile improves a website’s performance by reducing the bounce rate and improving the conversion rate because visitors remain on the site longer. Your website becomes a more effective marketing tool, without you even having to be at your desk.

Guest author: Video Tile, an online video production company, provided this article.


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