Top 5 – Best FREE WordPress SEO Plugins of 2013

WordPress is an amazing web design and content management platform. It allows people with no absolutely HTML experience to create great looking websites, quickly and easily. WordPress out of the box is already technically quite a good platform for SEO, but that doesn’t mean you can’t improve it further! While there are many plugins available, perhaps the most important are SEO plugins for WP. For small scale bloggers, a good WordPress plugin can take care of 90% of your search engine optimization needs.

Today I’m about to discuss a number of most effective WordPress plugins that you must have in 2013. The list I’m aiming to recommend is what I’ve been using for few years and that are absolutely great when it comes to SEO purpose of your WordPress sites. Here are top five great, popular, useful and most essential SEO plugins for WordPress, which are rated/voted as the best in 2013.

1. WP SEO by Yoast

This plug-in is always ranked at, or near, the top. It is an all-in-one plug-in that can do so much that it really needs an entire article dedicated to its features. It will create automatic internal links and is constantly working in the background all the time to optimize your site. This plug-in is also free, which is becoming a little rarer each year. Click here to check out Yoast.

2. All-In-One SEO Pack

This is the most popular WordPress plug-in for those with blogs. This allows for better on-page SEO by utilizing your description, keywords, and title. It will also allow you to control the names of posts and pages. Like the previous entry, this plug-in would need an entire article to cover its features. Click here to check out WordPress’ All-In-One plugin.

3. SEO Smart Links

This is a great plug-in for WordPress because it will automatically create internal links. It arguably does this better than any other SEO plug-in. Linking keywords to other posts is a great way to engage your traffic. Unlike the previous two examples, this plug-in only does one task but does it extremely well. Click here to check out SEO Smart Links for yourself.

4. XML sitemap

An accurate XML sitemap is very important to your website’s ranking. This is another free WordPress plug-in and it will allow engines to find and index your site. This plug-in will also automatically submit any new pages and posts to the search engines. Also, it will automatically update your site map whenever you make any changes or additions. Many webmasters make the mistake of underestimating the value of an XML site map; don’t be one of them. You can download a XML sitemap generator for your WordPress blog here

5. SEO Friendly Images

Images are very helpful for improving the appearance of your site. It is equally important to tag them properly. SEO Friendly Images provides a very easy way to update the tags for all your images. This plug-in automatically adds a title and alt tag for each image. Google continues to make images more of a priority each year. The value of this plug-in is only likely to increase the time. Click here to get the latest version of SEO Friendly Images.

SEO plugins for WordPress play critical role for getting your websites ranked as high as possible. While not all WordPress plugins are free, there are many great free options available to assist you in optimizing your website for the search engines. A smart move would be to pick one of the first two options listed above as an all-in-one solution, and then utilize all three of the remaining options. Give these plugins a try and see what happens to your search rankings.

Author Bio: Jared is a member of the SEO team at Search Factory. He put together this list for bloggers who may not have the financial resources to employ the services of a SEO agency but still want to explore the benefits of SEO for their website.

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8 Responses to " Top 5 – Best FREE WordPress SEO Plugins of 2013 "

  1. BCX says:

    I just tried to install this WP SEO plugin on my blog and my site was went down until i deactivated it. Bad Plugin I must say.

  2. I use All-in-one SEO pack and sitemap plugins and they are really helpful – would add that though comluv is not actually seo, but rather social plugin – it turned out to be helpful too – as increases both communication with readers adn social visibility
    Victoria Mudraya´s recent blog post ►► E-commerce Trends 2013

  3. Veterochek says:

    Amazing list! I’ll use some of these plugins for my own blog. Thanks a lot!
    Veterochek´s recent blog post ►► Welcome to iMasterTek New Website

  4. Arbaz Khan says:

    Nice list.
    But no one can beat WordPress SEO by Yoast. Its simply the best. I am using it on almost all my sites and that is the first plugin that I install on any new site.
    Superb article :)
    Arbaz Khan´s recent blog post ►► How to Install MIUI v5 Custom ROM for HTC One?

  5. Monu Alagh says:

    nice list of seo plugins… i use yoast seo plugin in my wordpresss blog it helps me to write seo full content.. and also help me to manage keyword density…

    Thanks for share asha…

  6. Wayne says:

    I was using WP SEO by Yoast and have never had a problem with it. I also was looking for a plugin to make alt image tagging easier. Thanks for sharing these plugins.

  7. I feel more confident with the knowledge in your lessons
    thank you very much
    Durgesh kumar´s recent blog post ►► Rakaan Sung by Harjot Official Mp3 Punjabi Song Full Details

  8. Excellent post! There are lots of different variety of SEO plugins are available. I use the WordPress plugins of the SEO. it will help me to write the SEO content. there will be useful and informative content in the post. thanks for sharing information.
    search engine marketing

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