Top 5 Best Strategies For Getting Tons of Blog Traffic

Admit it or not, every blogger is aiming to achieve the same thing – to be read. But how many bloggers really know how to drive enormous traffic to their Blog? There are thousands of people that give blogging a shot, but eventually quit because they feel that nobody is reading their posts. Since they can’t get blog traffic, they lose the desire to keep blogging. And most of them quit because they fail to follow some of the best tactics to increase their Blog traffic.

If you ever find yourself in such a situation, you should not give up. It is not difficult to attract traffic and to get loyal readers if you just keep on blogging. If you are wondering how to get massive traffic from Google to your blog/website, the following are some methods that can be used to attract blog traffic.

1. Make Use of Your RSS

Most blogs come with inbuilt RSS capabilities which you should take maximum advantage of. You need to make it easy for visitors to subscribe to your blog, so that you can attract the blog traffic that you require.

2. Build Links From Other Sites

Search engine spiders navigate and index websites using links. The easier it is to be found by the spiders, the easier it will be to attract blog traffic and therefore increase your search engine ranking. It is that simple.

3. Write and Syndicate Articles

Blogs and websites alike are hungry for content. If you are able to deliver this content on regular basis, you will begin to attract traffic daily. However, you need to make sure that the content being offered is relevant to your specific niche and audience. Irrelevant content will only put off your readers. Also learn how to write ‘Search Engine Friendly’ content without annoying your (human) readers.

4. Comment on Other Relevant Blogs

Blogs are designed to operate like conversations. If you have some insight that you would want to contribute to other people’s posts, make sure you leave a comment. Remember to include a link to your website and your email address. By participating in conversations in other people’s sites, you will be able to drive traffic to your own site.

Commenting in other blogs is a strategy that I use often to generate traffic for my blog which features ediet coupons and weight watchers discounts.

5. Keep Blogging

The more content you create for your blog, the more readers you will get. Blog readers are always looking for new and fresh content and information. If your blog provides it continually, they will keep returning for more and more. Content is a very important element of the blogging process. When your blog lacks fresh and relevant content, readers might not find you, and if they do, they won’t have any reason to stick around.

If you apply the strategies outlined above, you will see a significant increase in your blog traffic within a short time.

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