Top 5 Best Tips for Starting a Successful Website or Blog

Whether it’s for a new business or for personal use, the benefits of going online are well documented. Websites are a great way to advertise and reach as wide an audience as possible but they must be carefully constructed if they are to achieve the desired results. Thankfully, today if you have a website or a blog, it is an effective tool to share thoughts, promote business expand your web presence. Whether it is going to be a personal blog, a discussion forum or a family picture (photo) gallery, launching a website has never been easier.

Creating a new website is an exciting idea, but it can also be a very challenging one for a newbie. Simple things like — SEO? Domain names? SSL? Web hosts? DNS settings? — can be very confusing! But don’t lose heart; our simple guide will give you a general idea of what to expect. To help you get started and ensure your website is up to the job, these five tips should prove invaluable.

1. Make Security a Priority from the Start

People like to feel safe when they visit websites and yours should be no different. A bad reputation in terms of viruses and other infections can be hard to shake off and will have a strong, negative effect on your visitors. Take the time to invest in firewalls and conduct regular penetration tests to test performance.

2. Know What to Expect from Your Website Traffic

Nobody likes a slow website. While you may only rent a basic server at the beginning, you need to anticipate expansion as your website traffic grows. This means improving your server’s capabilities before traffic becomes too large to handle. If you don’t, visitors will have a slow, poor experience with your website and this could cause them to begin going elsewhere.

3. Understand ICANN Requirements

Depending on your domain URL, the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) may need you to abide by a number of requirements. For instance, if you want a generic top level domain, such as .com, you need to send daily volumes of WHOIS data.

These need to be stored in a secure account, such as an ICANN approved Registry Escrow provider. It’s a small change but it ensures your website is in keeping up with ICANN’s policies. Failure to do this could lead to them taking your website down.

4. Consider the Experience on Mobile Devices

These days, people access the Internet from a range of devices and not only from the humble desktop computer or laptop. As a result, your website needs to reflect these needs. Most sites have a mobile version that is perfect for smaller screens and uses a simplified layout that can be less confusing.

Simplifying your website in this way is highly advisable and you should check how mobile apps and mobile websites appear on the devices they are intended for to ensure everything works as it should. A lot of users still like to be able to go to the full website though so it’s worth offering this as an option on your mobile website – make sure you display it clearly to improve the user experience.

5. Make Use of Additional Services

Finally, don’t just rely on your website. Support yourself with e-mail services, subscriptions, contact forms, social networking and more. If people feel connected with you, they will have an added reason to return and this only spells good news for your business.

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