Top 5 Best Tips To Write Successful Guest Posting

Here are some of the best tips and guidelines that increase the acceptance rate of guest posts and help guest bloggers not only promote their clients’ websites, but also help them create a reputation online.

Pick the right blog after doing your research

A strategic guest-post campaign is not about submitting the maximum number of posts to all kinds of sites and blogs. As a guest blogger, you need to make sure that you post content only on websites that have a good reputation and solid readership. Authority blogs and sites in niche and unique topic areas that accept only those posts that are relevant to you as well as your clients are a good place to begin. Start with the archives and then go through the current content to get a good idea of the look and feel of the blog.

Keep it fresh, and always think of new and creative ideas

Finding the right blog is only the first step in the process. A successful guest post that is unique and interesting always draws user attention. Even if you have the required credentials and provide links to blog samples and other relevant writing samples online, this guest post is the only way to prove to the audience that you have something that they should definitely pay close attention to.

One way of going about this is to take a look at the posts on other authority sites that have topics related to what you would like to write about.

Write quality content always

Coherent and compelling blog content always grabs eyeballs and garners the attention that it truly deserves. Your content has to be the best if you would like to increase your chances of being asked to post more content as a guest blogger.

The posts should never have any spelling and grammatical errors. Include a short bio along with one or two links to a website or page that you would like to share with the readers. Too many links make the post appear like spam and webmasters will reject your content right away. Always spend enough time and put in a lot of effort in writing informative and interesting content.

Be straightforward and honest

Providing inaccurate and false blog stats (page views, ranking, unique visitors), credentials, and other information is a foolish thing to do. Even if you start your guest blogging efforts on small blogs, you will get caught sooner or later, which will spoil your chances of gaining an entry into the big league.

Learn the ropes of the process, build your online reputation, attract your own blog traffic, and gain more exposure; even it means that you have to start afresh.

Pitch and promote your guest post after you write it

To drive valid traffic to your post, make sure that you promote it. Even new visitors leave comments and join the conversation if they find the content relevant and useful. Bloggers are busy people, and you can save a lot of time by emailing your guest post across to them, so they get a good idea of what you can offer.

Guest Author: Sonja Brown is a social media enthusiast and contributor to Degree Jungle – a college student resource. She enjoys helping online businesses grow.


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