Top 5 Best Yet FREE Website Analysis Tools

Online web tools and site evaluators give you a lot of feedback about your blog/site’s performance in a short amount of time. And the good ones even do it in an organized and legible way. Some tools come with a lot of functions, options and customizations. They also tend to cost a lot of money.

But not everyone needs all of the bells and whistles to get the data they need. If you are contemplating the investment, make sure that you can’t get your information another way. For example here are some of the best top 5 totally free website evaluation tools that can help you through every step of creating and growing a website.

Keyword Tools

One of the simplest things anyone can do to help their new web site get found is to label it well. Title tags that say “Index”, “Home” or only a business name aren’t going to be enough. Yes, you do want to put a brand name in the title tag, but you also want to use targeted keywords. A little keyword research can help you figure out exactly where the search volume is. There are more than a few keyword tools out there so use more than one to fill out your keyword list.

Broken Link Checker (Finder)

Once a site is up and has its keywords in place you’ll want to check your work. A free broken link checker makes sure that you have no dead links when you launch. It also helps to run this tool occasionally throughout the life of your website as you move things around and make changes. A website with dead ends is unfriendly to both users and search engines, so make sure you stay on top of broken links, and use 301 re-directs on old pages that you don’t want anymore.

Web Site Rank Checker

Search engine traffic accounts for the bulk of visitors on most web sites. Having the right keywords can help immensely, but you’ll want to watch your progress. Using a free ranking checker allows you to constantly monitor your site’s rankings on a number of terms. Ranking well can give a site the appearance of being an industry authority. So watching and actively trying to improve your rankings can make you look bigger, and more credible. It will also bring you more traffic which is ultimately the goal of any site.

Title Tag Creator

The title tag is a hugely important on-page factor. Utilizing them properly is a seemingly simple aspect of SEO, but doing it really well is an art form. The keywords you are targeting need to be matched up with the right pages in the right combination. And the more unique they are the better. If you have a fairly small site this title tag generator can help you do it by hand. Once your site is cached, you can look at all of your title tags and how they are viewed by simply running the command string in Google.

Back Link Checker

Once the on-site work is done, the focus turns off-site, as in, back links. Links are one of the most influential factors in how a site will rank in search engines, so everyone should actively pursue them. If you want to see how your website is faring in terms of link acquisition a back link checker is the way to go. Simply run a URL through the program to find out exactly how many links you have.

The advancement of technology has made building a website infinitely easier than it was 10 years ago. But the downside is that the competition has grown exponentially as well. To create a website that succeeds and even thrives, it takes a lot more attention to detail, research and data analysis. However, one of the perks of the ever expanding web is all of numerous free tools to help you strategize and collect information. Using these tools and others like them can help you stay constantly aware of where you stand among other sites like yours. While this list is not all inclusive, used smartly, these tools can help any site succeed.

Guest Author: This is a guest article by Jessica who is a writer for the German based Reputation Observer, a comprehensive reputation management platform. There is also an English version of Reputation Observer available. Jessica has been writing and blogging frequently for the last few years.


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