5 Top Blog Marketing Tips from Blogging Experts for Beginners

You have most likely found out how difficult it can be to promote a new blog these days, so hopefully you can pick up a few pointers from this short guide. Most articles such as this focus heavily on SEO, for good reason, but that topic will not be on the menu for today. That’s not to say that you should forget about search engine optimization, but the focus is on other tips right now I should point out that this article was inspired by a recent run down I read over at HostPresto went into detail on how to get a blog off the ground. My take will be less specific but cover more elements.

Social Media


This one really should not even need to be mentioned, but it is amazing how many people are still neglecting their social media profiles or just doing a mediocre job of it. Platforms such as Twitter not only allow you to grow your audience – they help you stay in touch with the audience you already have. For example: if someone has already bought from you before, or shown any kind of interest in your website or brand, then they will be much easier to keep “on the hook” for more future sales if you have a good social media presence.

One of the biggest mistakes that people make with their Twitter, Facebook, and other profiles, is that they do not use them consistently. Nobody wants to come to your profile and see that the last time you posted was a year ago. Your brand looks dead, as if you have nothing new or interesting going on. Another result from being inconsistent is losing sales because you didn’t reply to someone’s question, or you missed out on a trending topic that could have been used to your advantage.

Specialty Forums and Communities

Everybody is looking for their own little niche right now. It is basically impossible for a new blog to compete with the giants in the most lucrative categories such as finance, so you need to have your own angle on it. Don’t try to be too broad in your approach at first. Try to find a smaller piece of the market that you feel like you can compete in, which will obviously bring in less traffic but will be easier to get started in.

After you have found your niche, and you understand why people want “it”, then you can seek out online forums and other communities where “it” is being discussed. For example: if you are trying to sell fake beards for puppies, then you could go out and find forums for pet owners and other communities that are talking about costumes for dogs. These can be great areas for promotion, and also just figuring out what your potential customers are talking about on any given day.

Network With Related Bloggers

It’s tough to go it alone in the blog world, so you should reach out to bloggers in related fields that you feel could be a benefit. Of course you should also be realistic about this, and keep in mind who you are contacting. If you only have a little starter blog, then it is not realistic to expect the leaders in your chosen field to do anything to help you. They want to stay on top, and they don’t want your blog to succeed.

So, how do you get around this problem of needing to network but also needing to avoid competition? You look for similar blogs in “neighboring” fields that would be interesting to viewers of both your blog and the blog you want to network with, without directly competing for sales. For example: if your website is about graphic design then you could network with a website about hosting. The two fields don’t directly compete, because a customer who needs graphic design may also need hosting, and neither website loses out on a sale.

Email Marketing Is Not Dead

Have you seen those signup boxes for email newsletters on a lot of blogs lately? They are there because they work. If you have interesting content, then people will want to see more of it. When you have a list of email addresses from people who have shown real interest in your content, it becomes much easier to promote your future posts.

Blog Posts Aren’t Sales Pitches

Well, sometimes they are sales pitches, but the best blog posts. – the ones that get shared and viewed the most – have more to offer than a simple “click here to buy now”. Just imagine that you are a regular person reading the blog posts that you’re writing… are they useful? Why would anyone share them?

At the end of the day, one of the most important skills needed to market a new blog is to know your audience. You need to know what they want now, and you need to use that information in order to guess what they will want tomorrow. Being ahead of the pack is a big deal, particularly on social media where something can be new and exciting one day, then old and boring the next.


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