Ultimate Collection of 10 Stunning yet Free Premium WordPress Themes

Everyday we see many beautiful WordPress themes, many are good and only a little are just one of a kind. The choice is big enough, but the search is worth it. I have seen many people referring Premium WordPress Themes as those which have more quality in terms of design, flexibility, in-house SEO, multiple layouts, easy integration with analytics, adsense etc. which is not the case with majority of the Free themes available. And by default, they refer any Premium theme as a Paid theme. This is not true always. I do agree that most of the paid themes come up with innovative and additional features compared to the majority of Free WordPress themes but it is wrong to generalize it and making it a rule.


There are some Stunning, amazing, cool Premium themes out there which are nicely designed, innovative, SE optimized, flexible and yet being FREE! I am not the first one to write about these FREEMIUM WordPress themes and I won’t be the last as well. But I am restricting myself to those Free & Premium WordPress themes which can be used for Blogs with Magazine or News based content. Today I present only 10 Free Premium-like WordPress Themes that are truly impressive and you might be willing to use for your next project.

Stunning Free but Premium WordPress News / Magazine Styled Themes:

1. Androida


Live Demo | Download

2. FREEmium wordpress theme


Live Demo | Download

3. Mimbo 3.0


Live Demo | Download

4. Magasin Dos


Live Demo | Download

5. Magasin Uno


Live Demo | Download

6. Arthemia Free Magazine Theme


Live Demo | Download

7. Branford Magazine


Live Demo | Download

8. Skyye News


Live Demo | Download

9. Grungezine


Live Demo (Unavailable) | Download

10. Zinmag Tribune


Live Demo (Unavailable) | Download

Which of the above themes did you like the most? Are you already using any of these (if yes, tell us your blog URL). If you liked this post, then make sure you also read – 1000+ Free WordPress Premium Themes – Greatest Ever Collection!


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