Winners of the $1000 Contest on

It was the first Contest on TechChunks and we must admit it was a thrilling experience; an absolute roller coaster ride for us. We appreciate all our sponsors for coming forward and turning this contest into a reality. We also thank all the participants who showed interest in participating and did their best to spread word about the contest. However, like everything else this contest has also come to an end and the time has arrived to declare the winners. So friends, here are the winners of the contest:

Winners of 1000 Dollar Contest on TechChunks

First Prize: $50 in cash via Paypal + a 125×125 Banner Ad for a month worth $25. Total worth $75 from

Winner: JJ

Second Prize: 1 Year of Free Blog Hosting + 10% Extra Discount on Domain Registration. Total worth about $50+ from

Winner: David

Third Prize (a): 10 copies of Invisible Secrets 4 from (steganography software – encrypts and hides sensitive data). Each winner wins a single copy.


1. MyBlogContest

2. Indo Contest

3. Jeevan Jacob John

4. Eva

5. Sherry

6. DiTesco

7. Rishi

8. Geo Peter

9. akira07

10. geneve

Third Prize (b): 10 copies of SafeBit (on-the-fly disk encryption software) from Each winner wins a single copy.


1. BlogComputer

2. The Contest Geek

3. lucifer

4. gLf

5. Mark at Darn Good Reviews

6. ada

7. Lee Ka Hoong

8. Sat Chen

9. Devi

10. getpalmd

Fourth Prize: Free Logo Design with Unlimited revisions. Total worth about $35 from

Winner: Vimal Kochar

Fifth Prize (a): 125×125 Banner Ad for a month at Software Testing Zone Worth $20.

Winner: Teen Blogger

Fifth Prize (b): 125×125 Banner Ad for a month at Web CSS Designs worth $20.

Winner: Lily Kwan

Congrats to all the winners. Other participants better luck next time 🙂 We are in the process of sending out email to each winner with their respective prize details. If you are a winner and not yet received the email, please check your spam folder. If it is not there as well, then please wait at least 24 hours before contacting us via our contact form or leaving behind a comment here and we will be glad to resend the details to you again.

For those who missed out this contest and did not win this time, there is no need to loose heart. We are planning to host yet another contest, much BIGGER and with much more cool gifts and prizes once we hit the 999 Subscriber mark. So keep yourself subscribed or subscribe to TechChunks right away, in case you are not already. 😉

Once again thanks to all our sponsors and congrats to all the winners. 🙂


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