How to Get Awe-inspiring Promotional Gift Ideas

Promotional products are a billion pound industry. They have the power to please consumers and potential prospects by letting them know you are thinking of them. If done well they can make your business more memorable as they convey what your brand stands for. It’s through promotional products and corporate branding that you can really express your brand’s creativity and persona. It’s not about creating your typical coffee mug or reusable tote bag with your brand logo on it. The promotional gifts really needs to make an impression on your consumers and go beyond the standard branded promotional gifts.

Think of it this way, you may receive a number of pens from different companies who are trying to win you over as a customer but for one to really stand out it needs to be something rather special. A pen that does something different other than serve just as a writing utensils will benefit your company greatly. For example if it works as a torch as well as a pen, you’re well onto a winner.

1. Create Something Different and Unique

How to Get Awe-inspiring Promotional Gift Ideas

To keep a promotional gift in your consumers mind it has to be unique. When thinking of giveaway items we tend to think of the more memorable things we receive. If something is unconventional it’s bound to stick in our head more than something standard. A bottle opener or branded power bank is a good promotional gift as they are both unique and handy.

2. Make it Exciting to Open

People get excited to open things up. When we see a package or a box we often wait in anticipation to reveal its content. It’s way more exciting to receive a package rather than an email or letter. The main point is to create a sense of eagerness when people receive your gift.

3. Give the recipient a challenge

Don’t give your customers something pointless. If you give your clients something they can hold and physically use, then this could make more of an impression. Making it interactive will help as it allows consumers to actually interact with the item.

4. Make it Relevant

Relating your item back to your business will really help with brand recognition. If the item itself or something about it brings to mind your product or service then this will benefit your business.

5. Make it Creative and Classy

You don’t want your item to look cheap. No one wants to spend masses on promotional items so they need to be inexpensive. Great marketing should not look cheap or seem generic. Creativity is key.

6. Include your Logo!

This is one of the most obvious points. Whatever you are offering as a promotional gift you should put your logo on it as it expands your brand recognition.

7. Choose Something that Lasts

We enjoy receiving things that lasts for more than a day. The long lasting nature of your product can really reflect on our brand. It can echo the great nature of your business and give consumers the right impressions.

8. Make an effort

You don’t actually need to spend a lot of money. If you have spent the time and effort to create your promotional item then this is likely to reflect in on your company. If your business is ready to make a lasting impression on consumers then you should follow these guidelines. By taking the time to create something that reflects on your business will really impress sales prospects.

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