5 Top of The Line Medical Alert Systems

Medical alert systems are often marketed for the elderly, and while it’s true that they collectively tend to derive the greatest use from them, such devices are also very helpful for people of all ages with physical disabilities. If this refers to a member of your family (or close friend), then you’ll likely be looking for a reliable medical alert system.

In the following article we’ll take a look at some of the best medical alert system with gps and fall detection. The peace of mind that these afford is invaluable; and always gives your family or friend a better than fighting chance in the unfortunate event of a collapse, slip and fall, or incapacitating physical problem.

The MobileHelp Brand

The first notable thing about MobileHelp’s product is the range of option they provide. You can equip the home with an alert system inside, or an ultra-portable pendant geared to detect falls and react. The service provider is AT&T’s massive network, and the service charge is a monthly one.

An additional benefit is the fact that MobileHelp equips you with two mobile pendants for the price of one; although it’s worth noting that the mobile option is separate from the fall detection functionality. Nonetheless, it is a comprehensive option when you consider both devices.

The Costco MobileAlert Option

You’re probably familiar with the giant Costco shopping brand, and that they partner with several manufacturers to bring products and services to consumers at nearly unbeatable prices. Their medical alert system consists of a speakerphone with a Connect America service plan. The monthly payment system is tiered, which can be a good thing: the first half-year beats out nearly every other price for such a system. Afterwards, however, the monthly charge goes up quite a bit.

This allows you to test the efficacy of Costco’s and Connect America’s service. You can only learn so much from online reviews anyway, and trying it at such a low starting price level teaches you all you need to know about its worth.

Philips Lifeline

A robust medical alert system that possess both fall detection and gps on a mobile platform. In fact, the gpsd system for Philips Lifeline is patented; as GoSafe, enables you to download an app to your tablet or phone to expedite the process and keep you informed should a problem arise. The battery life on the mobile device is considerable, and they are a well-regarded service backed by a big name.

Life Alert

You’ve likely seen their commercials on television, and there’s a reason why they’re still relevant today. Life Alert is a trustworthy, in-house medical alert platform that provides gps, mobile phone coverage and even a landline option. The range isn’t exceptional, but it works certainly within the span of even a large house – about 300 feet, to be exact. There’s a positive accounting of this medical alert system according to web-based reviews, and the federal website Consumer Reports lists Life alert as a viable option.

The above is a nice start if you’re in the market for a medical alert system for an elderly or disabled family member. Medical alert systems are specifically for people who may struggle to reach a telephone in the event of an injury, or a slip and fall from which they cannot easily rise.

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