$8 Million Dollar iPad 2 Incorporates Dinosaur Bones, Diamonds and Gold

What gadget would you buy if you had an extra $8 million dollars to spend on? Making it easier for you to decide, British luxury designer Stuart Hughes has put up his newest and most unique creation so far; a diamond studded, mostly-gold iPad 2 encrusted with shards of real dinosaur bones. The device is up for sale on the designer’s website for 5 million pounds (8 million dollars).

The gadget is dubbed the “Gold History Edition” and is “undoubtedly world’s most unique gadget” of our time. And this is a limited edition of only two units to be made. Those who can afford it, and also want it, should therefore grab it before it disappears. Hughes, and his wife Katherine, create and sell exclusive iPhones, laptops, plasma TVs and other gadgets with mind-blowing price tags.

The gadget’s rear section features 2 kilograms of 24-carat gold and the front frame is made from Ammolite, the oldest rock in the world (over 75 million years old). As if that wasn’t enough unique, sections of a 65-million-year-old T-Rex dinosaur thigh bone were splintered and shaved into the Ammolite.

The rear portion is made of about 2 kilograms of 24 ct gold with the Apple logo made out of 53 12.5 cts ‘I’F’ Flawless encrusted diamonds. The finishing touches have been given by a single 8.5 ct diamond seated in a platinum base surrounded by 12 outer diamonds, which serves as the Home button. So, if you have all the toys you can ever think of and are still looking for more, this is probably the little gadget for you.

iPads aren’t the only thing this Hughes fellow has pimped beyond belief. He’s done everything from iPhones to Blackberrys to pianos. As for his customers, I would want to imagine they’re pretty well off.

Anyone willing to drop 8 million bucks on an iPad has to have a serious bank roll. That’s quite a commitment, and I can’t help but wonder what kind of warranty this guy offers, clearly the Apple one is done for after mods like this. And we though the Chinese guy who created a hand-made iPad from computer parts was a genius!


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