Apple is Releasing Bigger, Better iPhone 6 on September 9

After what felt like ages of rumors and leaks about Apple’s most anticipated iPhone 6, finally we have got a release date: September 9. Apple is said to be holding a “big media event” on Tuesday, Sept. 9, 2014, where it’s expected to take the covers off its all-new iPhone 6, rumored to be shipped in two larger screen sizes of 4.7 and 5.5 inches, will run next-generation A8 processors and an all-new form factor. The Sept. 9 event is expected to be followed by an October 14 release in stores.

From what we hear, Apple’s flagship smartphone’s upcoming operating system iOS 8 is not fully ready yet, but it looks like Apple is pretty confident to get it out of the window before September 9th. If our source at Apple is to be believed, then iOS 8 will be preloaded in iPhone 6 when it is launched.

iPhone 6 Bigger 5.5 Screen Size

When it is finally going to be here, earlier speculations about both the screen sizes (4.7 and 5.5 inch) arriving together on 9th of September could be spot on. However, we wouldn’t be too surprised if it doesn’t though considering that Apple was having trouble finding compatible batteries for the bigger 5.5-inch ‘phablet’ device and as a result its release might even slip into early 2015.

But we’ll know this for sure, come September 9th. Interestingly though, the date has neither been confirmed or denied by Apple. As we’d expect, the Cupertino-based company has a track record of taking such stance and like to let the rumors fuel the fire for its upcoming new products.

Previous iPhone Release Dates

Some of us were expecting the iPhone 6 to have launched into the market way back in 2013, but given the iPhone’s recent history from the iPhone 3G onwards, there has been an intermediate “S model” before the subsequent numbered iPhone model and hence we knew we were never going to get the iPhone 6 until late 2014. To give you a better idea of Apple’s iPhone release history, here are the dates on which Apple released its iPhones since iPhone 1 was launched in 2007.

iPhone 1 — June, 2007
iPhone 3G —  July, 2008
iPhone 3GS — June, 2009
iPhone 4 — June, 2010
iPhone 4S — October, 2011
iPhone 5 — September, 2012
iPhone 5S/5C — September, 2013

iPhone 6 Expected Specs

iPhone 6 Screen sizes: 4.7- and 5.5-inches
iPhone 6 Price: Same as existing iPhone 5S
iPhone 6 possible new features:
– Up to 128GB internal storage or expandable storage
– Improved camera
– New iOS 8 operating system
– Heart rate EarPods
– NFC chip
– Latest A8 processor
– Will support Wireless charging
– Will be compatible with Apple’s upcoming iWatch
– All-new Sapphire glass and LiquidMetal design

Soon after launching the iPhone 6, Apple is also reported to be releasing a highly talked about and eagerly awaited smartwatch, later this year. Although Apple has not revealed the device’s name yet, it is widely speculated that it will be called the Apple iWatch.

Interestingly, this Apple’s event on Sept. 9 when it announces iPhone 6 is just six days after Samsung is expected to reveal its all new Galaxy Note 4 (and talk about Galaxy S6). Coincidence or intentional… we’ll let you to decide that!


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