Best 5 Top Rated Fitness Gadgets to Amp Up Your Workouts

Getting, and staying, in shape takes dedication and hard work, but that doesn’t mean it has to be a drag! Thanks to the wonders of technology, it is now easier to train without much effort. With gadgets being developed to help track movements, talk you through workouts or keep you jamming to your favorite tunes, it becomes even harder to skip out on your exercise plan. Here are a few gadgets to help get you going, and keep you motivated along the way.

1. Fitness Tracker

It may seem like everyone you know and their moms are talking about their getting in their 10,000 steps. That is because they have entered the wide world of activity trackers. There are many different models on the market at a variety of price-points. If you’re interested in just tracking your steps, a pedometer will do the job, but TechDigg has a rundown of their favorite high-end activity trackers of 2017. From smart watches to heart monitors, a good activity tracker can keep you motivated, and help you to know how many calories you’ve burned in a day.

2. Sport-Specific Activity Trackers

While a regular tracker and their ilk are great, if your workouts are primarily in the pool or you can’t get enough of cycling, they may not be the right gadget to measure your exercise. If you love the water, TechAdvisor has you covered with a list of the best trackers to use in the pool. While some of these are activity trackers that are waterproof, others can help measure distance using GPS, or even give information about your stroke. There are also multi-sport trackers on the market that do a better job keeping track of activity on a bike, rather than just running.

3. Instructional Apps 

Although not technically a gadget on its own, finding a motivational app for your smartphone or watch can make a huge difference in a workout. From the simple Tabata timer or interval app, which tells you when to rest, to a more involved like a couch to 5k program, there are many choices–many of which are free. If imagining that you are being chased by zombies will get you going faster, Zombies, Run!, will even tell you when you can speed up or slow down as you collect supplies to survive the apocalypse.

4. Voice-Controlled Speakers

If you have an Amazon speaker that you can boss around, a.k.a. Alexa products like the Echo or Tap, or a Google Home, you can turn it into a personal trainer. CNet has instructions to get started, but there are numerous workout integrations for the products, several of which will talk you through the exercises. You can specify if you want to focus on abs, do a short, 7-minute routine, take you through a vinyasa or use a different keyword phrase from the different available fitness options, and your speaker will talk you through the exercises you need.

5. Bluetooth Headphones

While headphones may not be just for working out, without a good way to listen to the music you want, your gym routine could easily flounder. Whether you prefer earbuds or more of an earmuff style, has a comparison to help you choose the best pair for your workout for the price that works for you. Keeping yourself untangled by wires or finding a pair that is sweat-resistant could keep you jamming from the weight rack to the treadmill, without forcing the other gym rats to like the same music you do.

While all anyone really needs to get a good workout is physical exertion and motivation, these gadgets can go a long way in simplifying your life. You can also use a tech gadget as a reward for being consistent in your workouts: hitting the gym each weekday for a month could be hard, but with a smart watch to look forward to, it might seem less daunting.

By taking some of the thinking out of getting in shape with a tracker, having some help planning your workout with instructions from an app, or just a great way to listen to your music while you’re on the move, technology can help you keep going when it feels like a hassle to exercise. By getting an extra boost through a new pair of cool headphones or a tracker to help you in the pool, you can keep yourself motivated to achieve your fitness goals and become a healthier and more tech-savvy person in the process.


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