Top 5+ Best Tips to Protect Touch Screen Display [Tablet, Smartphones]

Smartphones and tablets are some of the most widely used and popular gadgets these days. But due to the nature of the touch screen technology, these expensive devices need to be maintained carefully and often they require protective covers for maintaining them in good condition.  Many of  these touch screen devices are highly sensitive and if you are using them roughly, you may rather consider using a screen protector or screen guard. Also remember, that while Gorilla Glass is scratch-resistant, it isn’t completely scratch-proof . If you are like me and keep your smartphone in the same pocket as your car keys, your device’s touch screen is still very vulnerable to get scratched and damaged. Want to protect the touch sensitive screens from scratches and damages without spending a fortune on a bulky waterproof case?

Thankfully, protective covers are not the only way of protecting your smartphone and tablet screens. There are many display protection tips that you can follow to keep your touch screens free from scratches and damages. If you follow these advice properly, you don’t need any screen or cover for protecting your touch screen gadgets. Here are a few great tips to protect your smartphone or tablet’s touch screen display from damage:

Use Clean, Dry Hands (with short Fingernails):

The touch screen displays are usually sensitive to substances like dusts, sand particles, oil and greasy substances. Hence avoid using touch screens with dusty and dirty hands. Always use touch screen with clean fingers. Don’t touch their screen with wet hands or dusty hands. Dust particles can scratch the screen. Similarly, if you touch them with wet hands, that will also affect the screen sensitivity and results in loss of sensitivity. If you have long finger nails, you run the risk of accidentally Swiping your nails on the touchscreen and this can leave a scratch on the touchscreen. So keep your nails short or be careful that you have long finger nails while operating touchscreen devices.

Avoid Excessive Touching and Pressure

Don’t hold the touchscreen in your hands to hold the phone. As a bad side effect, your finger prints and sweat will reduce the visibility of screen requiring frequent cleaning. Use the sides of the phone, instead. Also, avoid applying excessive pressure on the screen, which can also permanently damage the display. A common way in which people do this is by keeping the phone in their back-side pockets (thus risking sitting on the screen every now and then). While using the touch screen phone, don’t apply too much pressure on the screen and just tap normally.

Don’t Drop from Heights

Similarly, don’t drop the phone from a great height. Screen will get damaged if you drop it. Unlike ordinary phones which can be used even if the screen is damaged, touch phones can’t be used since most functions depend on the screen’s touch sensitivity.

Avoid Direct Sunlight and Heat

Always keep the touch phones in a cool and clean place. Avoid exposure to direct sunlight, as it can damage the quality of the LCD and excessive heat can damage the panel. So, avoid carrying it under direct sunlight and taking it near the barbeque grills.

Use Screen Protectors, Guards

If you are using a costly touch screen device then it is better to go for screen protectors that can protect screens from sun, dirt and other greasy substances that may affect the screen and external damages like pressure and scratches. While purchasing covers for your smart phones always ensure that you choose the best of the screen protectors and you don’t let your phone fall off from a great heights. Touch screen phones are sensitive and the only way of protecting them from impact is using cell phone cases.

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Clean the Screens Safely

Dont use rough, abrasive cloth to clean the screen. Never clean the touch screen with strong chemicals or detergent solutions. Standard glass cleaners can be used for cleaning the touch screen but don’t use the solutions that contain Ammonia. while cleaning. don’t spray the solution directly to the screen. Rather take a lint free cloth and take a little solution to clean the surface. Make sure you clean the display panel only after switching off your gadget. When you rub the screen, use fluid and gentle strokes

How to Repair/Fix a Wet Touchscreen?

If the touch screen of your smartphone or tablet is wet, immediately remove the battery and the SIM and memory cards. Use dry tissue paper towels to wipe the phone including the touchscreen and wipe the battery compartment and all internal portion that is accessible and visible. Avoid using a hair dryer though as its hot air may damage the circuitry. Instead, compressed air is more useful to clean these areas. Now take some dry rice in a pot and place the phone in the rice, overnight. Rice is excellent in absorbing moisture from the phone and the touch screen. Next morning, clean the phone of rice particles, put the SIM, memory card and battery back into their respective compartments and switch on the phone. It is very important when a phone is wet, you should switch off the device and remove the battery and SIM cards immediately. Any delay in this can damage the touch screen and even the device permanently.


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