Top 5 Qualities of a A Great Smart TV

A lot has changed in the last decade. In 2003, Japanese electronics giants like Sony, Sharp, and Panasonic were flying high, reporting record sales in every financial quarter, while South Korean companies like Samsung and LG struggled to get by. Today, things couldn’t be more different. The Japanese giants are struggling to stay relevant, while the South Korean electronics giants further their control over the world of consumer electronics.

One of the areas where the South Korean electronics manufacturers have performed particularly well is in the television market. Samsung’s first televisions were fairly good but sometimes marred by display quality issues, poor user interfaces, and poor sound setups. Today’s Samsung televisions, however, are the opposite, boasting best in class performance in a number of key areas. Samsung TVs and accessories are now perhaps the best selling LED flat screen televisions available on the market, and they’re fully deserving of that accolade. This article will provide four reasons why Samsung Smart TVs (HD, large screen, 1080p, 3D, LED) are the top choice of consumers when it comes to modern day entertainment.

Picture Quality

Samsung has invested huge amounts of money into improving the quality of their LED panels, and it shows. Samsung televisions are capable of putting out exceptionally bright whites and perfectly black blacks, a feat that few other televisions are able to match. Samsung has also fitted their displays with the same technology that is currently driving their ‘Galaxy S’ smartphones, allowing for eye catching colors, excellent contrast ratios, and perfect color reproduction.

Smart Functionality

Samsung’s Smart TVs are amongst the most functional, easy to use and most powerful smart TVs available to buy. Samsung has also started fitting their Smart TVs with the same ‘Exynos’ chipsets found in their Galaxy S phones, allowing their TVs to run games and apps, browse the internet, and much more. With the news that Samsung has bought set top box manufacturer Boxee to improve their software, it’s likely that Samsung Smart TVs will continue to lead the pack for the foreseeable future.

Sound Quality

Samsung have fitted all their TVs with excellent speakers capable of delivering impressive sound quality, despite being amongst the thinnest televisions available on the market. While televisions from other manufacturers may need to be paired up with an expensive home theater setup or soundbar, Samsung TVs sound great straight out of the box.

Service and Support

Finally, all Samsung TVs come with a thorough warranty service that provides at home repairs and instant replacements if any problems cannot be fixed. This warranty can also be extended to last up to 5 years.

Summing Up

Samsung has gone from rags to riches over the past decade and deservedly so. While their initial televisions were flawed in several ways, the company has worked hard at correcting these flaws, over time perfecting their craft to make the best LED TVs available today.


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