Get Your Laptop a Pretty New Skin

There was a time when mobile phone used to be a status symbol and now, every Tom, Dick and Harry has a cell phone with him. History has repeated itself, in case of laptops too. Now a days, almost everyone carries a laptop; starting from a school going dude to the uncle who works at the substation. In this laptop crazy world, everybody wants something unique and new to make sure that his/her laptop stands out as special and attracts the crowd; everybody wants something which is a way different from the recent trend.

Get Your Laptop a Pretty New Skin - PrettySkins

Here is a site by the help of which you can add awesomeness to your laptop (notebook computer). You can have something which can make your neighbors feel jealous. The site I’m talking about is called PrettySkins. This website belongs to Shri Karni marketing Group and deals with skins for laptops. They claim to be the biggest manufacturers of laptop skins in India and after paying their site inventory a quick visit, I had to agree! On this site, you can find skins for almost all brands of laptops available today. There are literally thousands of laptop skins available in the website and a lot of new skins get added daily.

The skins have been classified into a number of categories — ‘Abstract and Illusions’, ‘Cartoons’, ‘Sports’ are to name a few. You can very well surf for different skins on the website as a Guest user. If you want further, you can go for registration, which is absolutely Free! It’s amazing to see an online support (chat) option on the top right corner of the web page, too. The laptop skins supplied here are professionally designed vinyl “laptop stickers”, which are designed to enhance the beauty of your laptop. These types of stickers are essentially made up off the same material used by larger organizations as logo for advertising purpose.

The most important thing is that these skins are really cheap (so cheap that I’m going to order one for my laptop soon). They start with a handy price tag of just Rupees 199/-. (just about $4). Isn’t that pretty?

Moreover, the laptop skins are delivered free of cost throughout the Indian sub-continent. These skins come in a variety of sizes which almost fits into any brand and size of laptops. So what are you waiting for? Have a change. Make yourself and your lappy feel good. Get your laptop a brand new skin and help it become a “Super Laptop“!


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