How To Find The Best Deals On Mobile Phones During Holiday Season

Once upon time, owning a mobile phone was the preserve of high-ranking executives and businessmen and cell phones were almost exclusively the preserve of the wealthy or the so-called upper-class citizen. Most people swore that they would never need one, and even as prices came down and their popularity exploded, many were slow adopters to the revolution. There were yet another group of individuals who kept blaming the cell phone radiation as a cause not to jump into mobile phone revolution!

How To Find The Best Deals On Mobile Phone During Holiday And New Year Season

But look around today and take a reality check; even the hardest skeptics seem to own a mobile phone with options to choose from a wide range of mobile phone deals, and many are ready to shell out hundreds of pounds a month on their bills – a cost that they simply regard as a necessity, not a luxury. Children as young as three and pensioners as old as 90 are all in on the game, and most people would now tell you they simply can’t be without their phone.

And spotting this big opportunity, marketing by mobile device — barely vibrating a year ago – is sounding a full-throated ring tone this year as retailers send holiday shoppers special offers best deals via their cell phones and customers use new applications to search for product information and deals.

This year’s holiday season is when technology and social media join the mainstream, aiming to make the shopping experience more interactive and, hopefully, more productive. For bargain hunters, it’s a way to become a more savvy shopper.

Any variety of download-able apps can help you find the best bargains. Use FastMall to pull up maps of local malls stretching from The Falls to Pembroke Lakes. Stay on top of the best deals by signing up for text message alerts from retailers like Kmart, Victoria’s Secret and Bath & Body Works.

More people are wanting to use their phone to enhance their in-store shopping experience,” said Jeffrey Grau, principal analyst with eMarketer, a digital marketing research firm. “Mobile and social are going to play a bigger role this holiday season. It’s only going to get bigger.

Through their mobile phones, shoppers receive texts about sales and coupons as they enter stores. Social media, mobile applications and cell phone cameras are also helping generate sales.

More than one-fourth of Americans who have a smartphone will use their mobile device to shop for gifts, compare prices and research products, according to an NRF survey by BIGresearch. That number reaches 45 percent among 18-24 year-olds and 43.5 percent of 25-34 year-olds.

With more than 80 million mobile Internet users in the U.S., retailers are thrilled to find that vast numbers of customers are devoted enough to keep track of favorite stores online. New media help enhance the shopping experience, by giving consumers more information and, in some instances, preferential treatment. And in case, you want to follow the latest mobile phone deals you can do so by checking out Their site features all the cheapest and best cell phone deals in the mobile phone world!


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