How to Fix Most Common iPhone 5 Camera Issues

The iPhone 5 (even iPhone 4S) have great camera that can capture amazing photos, so if that camera stops working, it’s a pretty big issue for any iPhone fan. Your iPhone is definitely what you always wanted to have to live an easy and a luxurious life. But what happens when iPhone’s camera shutter stops opening or is very slow to open? Several people have reported a problem where the camera shutter stays closed and frozen while the iPhone camera app is still open. Wondering what you should do to fix the camera of your iPhone if it ever stops functioning? For those running into problems with the camera on their iPhone, here’s what to do to fix it.

Force Quitting the Camera App

The problem starts when the screen shows a closed lens or black image, so now you need to force-uninstall the camera app. Alternately, if you constantly find yourself looking at the lens shutter graphic and waiting forever for the slow camera to load, all you need to do to speed up Cameras launch is delete all the iPhone photos.

Remove Restrictions

Another common problem that iPhone users experience in their camera is when they don’t see a camera app on their home screen. If  this is the case for you, you need to surf it in Spotlight. And if still you are stuck up in the same situation, you need to make sure that no restrictions are turned on by moving your fingers in Settings > General > Restrictions.

Quit All Running Apps

Sometimes the malfunctioning iPhone camera could be related to a memory issue and hence quitting the running iPhone apps to free up some memory could certainly help. To do so, double-tap the home button to bring up the multi-tasking bar. Tap and hold one of the running apps; this should bring up red-minus symbols on all of the running apps. Tap the minus symbols for all of the running applications. Once this is done, try running the camera app again.

Clean the Camera

Although this may seem obvious, many people run into iPhone camera issue because their camera lens portion is messy. Hence, always make sure that your iPhone’s camera lens is clean enough to view clearly. But never use a hard cloth to do that, and rather use a microfiber polishing cloth to clean the lens. Also, follow our tips to keep your iPhone 5 in best condition.

Check the iPhone Case

At times even some of the third-party iPhone cases can interfere with the auto-focus/exposure feature and the flash. In case you have an image quality issue then try removing the case while taking a picture and see if it helps.

Hard-Reset or Reboot

If nothing of the above solution is working you may try to turn-off your phone and then switch it on. Similar to fixing the slow-down issues on the older versions of the iPhone, you can try a hard (or double-hard) reset. Press and hold the hold and home buttons until the phone powers off. Turn the phone back on and see if this rids of the issue.

Refine Your Photography Techniques

If you are able to take pictures using your iPhone but the quality of those pictures are poor and grainy, then perhaps it is an auto-focus issue. Try to tap and focus the camera on the object and wait till it focuses fully. If the camera is trying to adjust when you click it can result in blurred pictures. While taking still images try to remain in a single position while taking an image. In case you try to shift away you may face issues, as the camera might be trying re-focusing. Similarly while shooting a video using your iPhone, don’t forget to adjust the focus before you start recording. As a matter of fact, you cannot adjust the object after it starts recording.

Try the following points if you are stuck with a camera issue in iPhone 5 and If none of these solve your problem, you are most likely out of luck and it is time to call Apple (1–800-MY-APPLE). Be sure to tell them that you have tried all of the above steps; most of these are what they would recommend anyway. Good luck, and I hope this helps.

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