Humanoid Robot ‘Mahru’ Mimics a Person’s Movements in Real Time [Video]

Now this is what I call as a “smart robot“! The Korean Institute of Science and Technology (KIST) and Samsung Electronics have unveiled Mahru, a bipedal robotic machine that uses motion-capture technology to mimic human movements in real time. When you wave your arms, he waves his arms. If you do the moonwalk, he’ll do his best — at the moment, Mahru’s legs lag a little. Whether you wave your arms, do a little dance, Marhu will do his best to copy your every move.

Humanoid Robot 'Mahru' Mimics a Person's Movements in Real Time

A person wears the suit while performing various tasks. The movements are recorded and the robot is then programmed to reproduce the tasks while adapting to changes in the space, such as a displaced objects.

But the cool thing is, the capture and reproduction of movements can also take place in real time. Watch Dr. You and his students demonstrating this capability using a Mahru III robot.

According to Mahru’s inventors, the wearer’s motions are recorded and transferred to Mahru, who learns them on the spot. Compliant control and force-torque sensors guide the robot’s movements so that they are safe and exact. Optimistically thinking, Mahru will someday be able to perform manipulation tasks, as well as approach people and shake their hands. We should note that earlier versions of Mahru can dance and do Taekwondo moves.

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