Motorola ATRIX 4G Dual-core Android Smartphone [Review]

The Google Android based Motorola Atrix 4g is the newest phone from Motorola and it is powerful, so much so that it in fact acts like a laptop when connected to the all new laptop dock. The laptop dock is basically a screen with a keyboard much like a normal laptop but it is powered by the Atrix 4g phone. Set the phone in the holder in the back of the laptop dock and it charges while the phone’s dual core processor powers what you see on the 11.6″ laptop dock screen.

The phone’s specifications are so amazing that it was given ten awards and was named the best smartphone at CES 2011 by The folks at Motorola are really taking their smartphones to a new level. The display is a 4.0″ qHD at 960×450 pixels with 24-bit color graphics which they claim is up to 2x brighter and consumes less power than most phone screens on the market right now. With 16gb of onboard memory, 1gb of RAM, and support for microSD cards up to 32gb there is plenty of storage. If that wasn’t enough to get you excited there is also fingerprint security which gives you the ability to lock and unlock your phone with one hand.

The really unique part about this phone is the ability to use the 11.6″ screen laptop dock. It has a full-size keyboard but it is thin and light. It has enough battery life for six hours of browsing time. The webtop application is Motorola’s interface which includes Adobe Flash along with a standard WebKit browser and a full HTML tabbed Firefox browser. Check out the Motorola Atrix 4g official page on AT&T’s website for the full specifications. This laptop dock is somewhere between a netbook and tablet computer, it could be the way many people use their phones in the future.

Some areas which the Atrix 4g wasn’t really next generation were in the camera and Operating System version. The camera is only 5 MP (with 720p video capture) but includes LED flash and front-facing camera for self portaits. The OS is Android 2.2 (Froyo) with MOTOBLUR which I was surprised about since Android 2.3 (Gingerbread) is appearing on other phones already. However, the upgrade to Android 2.2 (Gingerbread) should come later this year. Other features seem to be standard for most smart phones such as HD video playback, Wi-fi, Bluetooth 2.1, and Assisted-GPS.

Overall it is a great phone that really shines with the laptop dock and its sweet specs. The laptop dock is $300 more with the AT&T plan though, so it is a pricey add-on that’s not for everyone. The display is beautiful and the phone is fast, and even without the laptop dock its looking like one of the best phones we’ll see this year from Motorola or any other manufacturer.

Motorola Atrix 4G Hands on Video:

Do you want the Atrix 4g or is there another phone you have your eye on?

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