New HTC One SV (4G LTE) – First Look

From the Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini to the Motorola Razr i, there’s a huge selection of mid-range smartphones across all operating systems and with the launch of the HTC One SV, which is a mid-range Android smartphone with the added support of 4G LTE the question is — is it wasted on a mid-range smartphone even though it features a 5MP rear-facing camera, complete with auto-focus, touch focus and LED flash, has 4G LTE support and good hardware under the hood?

Available on Cricket in the US and EE in the UK, the 4.3-inch, LTE-ready device fits into the One series between the low-end V and, you guessed it, the better-equipped S. The company has added the mid-range HTC One SV LTE to its packages, which means it can now be picked up free on 24 month contracts from £36.00 per month. Of course, the device is fully equipped to take advantage of the EE superfast web, but despite being aimed below the top end of the market, it also features a range of high quality features, just like the HTC EVO 3D Smartphone. These include dual cameras for making the most of users photos and video calls, as well as one-press continuous shooting mode and HD video recording – all displayed on the brilliantly vivid 4.3-inch, high resolution capacitive touchscreen.

Size and Build Quality

At 9.2mm thick, this is a slim smartphone with a 4.3-inch screen and an impressive 122g weight, under the 137 gram weight of the iPhone 4. Build quality is good, rather than premium.

CPU, Gaming

For those who like to multi-task, the dependable dual-core processor ensures two, three or more tasks can be undertook at the same time, whether this is streaming movies, playing games, using catch-up  TV or simply sending a tweet. Both online and offline activity is made as quick and smooth as possible thanks to the dual core processor on board the HTC One SV LTE and the handset should be able to keep up with everything users throw at it.


The HTC One SV has 8GB storage out of the box, which is pretty standard for the price level while the Micro SD slot is a necessary and cheap upgrade for music and movies.

4G LTE Enabled

Of course, high-speed 4G LTE technology is great news for music lovers and this particular device also benefits from integrated Beats Audio, allowing for rich, high-quality sound whether listening to tracks stored on the handset, streamed on internet radio or watched on YouTube. However, in a recent article for Trusted Reviews, it wasn’t the features of the handset that were singled out, but its ability to offer customers a cheap way to get hold of a 4G smartphone.


The HTC One SV features a 5-megpixel camera on the rear, again, a step down in resolution from current flagship HTC devices. HTC Sense works its magic on the interface, giving you nice big buttons to instantly capture photos or video with minimal messing around.

This latest 4G mobile arrives on EE alongside a whole selection of devices – many of which were launched at the same time as the network itself. For example, you can now get the iPhone 5, Samsung Galaxy SIII and HTC One XL from EE, so it seems this new addition will be a good way to widen the company’s product line-up. And THE HTC ONE SV looks set to ease the EE’s pricing by throwing a mid-range 4G smartphone into the mix.

However, on the face of it the HTC One SV may share a similar name to impressive One S, but a number of compromises when it comes to build quality and specifications leaves us feeling a little unfulfilled and with a handset which is closer to the significantly cheaper HTC One V. That said, if you’re desperate to get your hands on a 4G phone but don’t fancy paying upwards of £40 a month, the HTC One SV certainly will get the job done. It does have an excellent battery life, after all.

This is a guest article submitted by Debarshi Ghosh Dastidar, who works for a web development firm and writes guest posts on technology, gadgets and social media in his free time.


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