New TV Trends; What is Glasses-Free 3D Technology?

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the last year, you know that 3D technology is this year’s entertainment buzzword. But some consumers still think 3D glasses look too nerdy or aren’t comfortable wearing them.  I’m one such guy, who hates the idea of having to wear a 3D glass over my eyeglasses — they look weird, are irritating to wear and simply don’t ‘look cool’!

This is one BIG reason why consumers are reluctant to bring 3D into their own home when thinking of going for a ‘big screen 3D TV‘. Plus, the associated high price tags of these glass-required 3D TVs push the average TV watchers away.

In an innovative move, Toshiba is introducing a glasses-free 3D TV viewing option.  At the unveiling this month at the IFA Technology Fair in Berlin, 3D enthusiasts stood on a line watching Toshiba’s glass-less 3D display without glasses.

The so-called autostereoscopic displays [also called “glasses-free 3D” or “glasses-less 3D“] use special optical foils to create two different images for the left and right eyes. To allow different viewing positions – for instance, when the viewer moves his head – they need up to ten different views of an image. Eye tracking has been used in a variety of systems in order to limit the number of displayed views to just two, or to enlarge the stereoscopic sweet spot.

It’s clear that 3D is going to play an important role in the evolution of video consumption. Glasses-free 3D technology could help to accelerate 3D adoption by making 3D functionality more appealing and accessible to consumers.

The current implementations still leave a lot to be desired, but they provide very clear evidence that the consumer electronics giants are heading in the right direction. Someone that figures out how to do glasses-free 3D right could own the next wave of 3D television sets.

With 3D blockbusters like Avatar scoring megabucks in the theaters, 3D cinema’s jump to the living room is all but a foregone conclusion. But where does that leave all your old 2D files and DVDs? If you have some old favorite movies in 2D DVD format and would love to convert them into 3D, then there is hope. Using 2D to 3D Converter software, you can convert a normal 2D DVD/Blu-ray/video to fantastic 3D video available in a variety of formats like AVI, MP4, MKV, FLV, M2TS, TS, etc.

The output 3D of 2D to 3D Converter can be side-by-side 3D, anaglyph 3D, and two separate files, and can be played on computer, some 3D TV, glasses-free 3D smartphones, or other compatible 3D display device.

If you have some blue-ray 3D DVDs and want to take backup of your favorite movies or 3D games, you can use Blu-ray 3D Ripper applications for Blu-ray 3D to 3D video conversion. The output 3D video can be played on computer using certain software player like Stereoscopic Player and NVIDIA 3D Vision Video Player, directly on your 3D TV, and can also be played on various glasses-free 3D smartphones like HTC EVO 3D, LG Optimus 3D P920 etc.

3D technology goes beyond just TV. There’s camcorders, cell phones, gaming systems and even a laptop coming out by next year.


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