Nokia Lumia 920; The Best Windows Phone in Town

With onset of various smartphones in the market, Nokia, the once leading mobile phone company is very much optimistic about its recently launched super smartphone, the Nokia Lumia 920, which Nokia expects to be a complete and compact handset in reply to all the ultra high-tech popular smartphones (like iPhone 5, Samsung Galaxy S III etc). The new Nokia Lumia 920, is not only an upgrade of its previous versions — Lumia 800 and 900, but also loaded with distinguishing features to make a room among the others. The Nokia Lumia 920 brings the new Windows Phone to the table with the much talked about wireless charging support and a highly sensitive screen you can use even with gloves on. Moreover, Nokia helps fill in Windows Phone OS gaps with a handful of missing features.

Nokia Lumia 920; Specs and Features

Some may argue that Nokia’s Lumia 920 is heavy and thick, but if you want the most powerful, feature-rich Windows phone available, this is it. Some of remarkable features of Nokia 920 are as follows:

Look and Shape

The shape and outlook of the mobile phone is the most basic feature that creates an opinion about the phone. The latest Lumia 920 has a curvy design, partially brought up by the fact that the body shells for this model are changeable, which is a feature that functions better on a curvy enclosure. Among other Lumia models, Lumia 920 is the thinnest.


Users are interested in phones with a large display to make the viewing experience of videos great. Nokia Lumia 920 sports a 4.5-inch IPS TFT touchscreen, which is the biggest for a Lumia device. The display is integrated with Nokia’s PureMotion HD+ which, as per Nokia, ensures blur-free scrolling and better sunlight readability than its predecessors. With Corning Gorilla Glass features, the display screen has become super sensitive screen in Lumia 920, with the kind of touch sensitivity and responsiveness that registers your touch movements even with gloves on.


One of the major upgrades in Lumia 920 in terms of phone memory is the twofold increase in RAM, making it compatible with Windows Phone 8. Lumia’s early models, Lumia 800 and Lumia 900 came with 512 MB RAM while the company has announced the new Lumia 920 will come with  a 32GB version of the device, which has 1GB of RAM.

Dual Core Processor

The Nokia Lumia 920 sports a dual core Qualcomm Snapdragon system on chip, the MSM8960 which is engraved using a 28nm fabricating process with lower energy usage. It is clocked at 1.5 GHz (which effectively becomes twice as much considering the dual core) and is based on the latest Krait architecture using an Adreno 225 GPU with additional LTE capacities.

Windows Phone 8 Mobile OS

There is always a selling point or feature in a mobile, which attracts users like bees to flowers. In Nokia Lumis 920, this feature is Windows Phone 8, which speaks for itself and the Lumia 920 takes pride in being one of the forerunners of the new platform. It offers Skydrive storage of up to 7 GB and some amazing applications like Nokia City Lens, Lenses app and City Transport.

Wireless Mobile Charging

Another unique feature that keeps this phone apart and that has wooed all techies about the new Lumia is its ability to charge in a wireless manner making use of Qi technology.

However, there are few low points, which although do not weigh heavy on the phone, but may be useful to know for the users. The few low points about the device include the rather hapless front camera and the need for a uni-body chassis but regardless, the popularity and the sales for the smart phone will be primarily decided by price tag attached to it. Also, another factor that would weigh heavily is the vulnerability of its software Windows 8 towards Nokia phone spy – users are expecting the Finnish company to introduce security apps that would counter presence of any Nokia spy.

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