OTECH F1: The World’s First Quad-SIM Phone Comes With 12.1MP Camera

Its hasn’t been even a while since we started seeing reputed mobile manufacturers launching dual-SIM phones and you know what? World’s very first quad-SIM phone is here. Yes, you heard it right! This phone contains, not 2, not even 3… but a whole lot of FOUR SIM capability. And it doesn’t stop there, either. All these 4 SIM cards can actually be active at any given point of time.

OTECH F1 The World's First Quad-SIM Phone

Isn’t that amazing? Well, we feel it is rather getting ridiculous -– safety-razor level of ridiculous. It started of with single razor blade, uh sorry, SIM card, then came dual-SIM, then triple SIM and now this. Check the photos below – 4 SIM cards, 4 signal strength indicators and unfortunately very little use for such a thing.

However, apart from the quad-SIM capability, this phone is also packing a full QWERTY keyboard, 2.4-inch touchscreen, support for mobile TV, an FM radio tuner, Bluetooth module and what appears to be a 12.1 megapixel camera.

OTECH F1 phone has Quad SIM support, probably glows in the dark, too

Unsurprisingly, a price on this bad boy is eluding us, but if you’re someone who likes to jump at any piece of gadget that boasts to be world’s first, we’re confident you won’t have any issues owning one of these.

If dual-SIM phones were a requirement and triple-SIM phones an unnecessary extension to the concept of multi-SIM, what would you say about a quad-SIM phone?

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7 Responses to " OTECH F1: The World’s First Quad-SIM Phone Comes With 12.1MP Camera "

  1. icechen1 says:

    I don’t like how they try to copy RIM Blackberry on the design, otherwise it would be sweet.
    .-= icechen1´s last blogpost >> Clock and watch Rainmeter skins roundup =-.

  2. Anish KS says:

    Cool One. What about availability ?.
    .-= Anish KS´s last blogpost >> Tata Indicom launches First BlackBerry Bold Smartphone for CDMA Subscribers in India =-.

  3. that is really amazing..i just had heard about 3 SIM phones..now 4 SIM also out..Technology is changing more faster then expected..thanks for sharing..
    .-= Rohit | Ipod Touch 4G´s last blogpost >> Real Football 2011 Ipod Touch 4G Games Review =-.

  4. Ben says:

    That is exactly what I have been looking for. Hope it hits stores before year’s end. This is a necessity in some countries I travel to like Uganda. I usually carry three phones as some work in one part and others don’t. Great job whoever thought this out.

  5. z666zz666z says:

    Actually on my pocket i carry two dual-sim phones, so great to have four on just one.

    But two points:
    -I hate physical keys… i preffer on screen keys
    -I need at least one or two weeks stand-by battery without powering it off
    -Also two good batteries… one on the pocked fully charged, so one month or two of non charge needed.

    But as a ‘first’ is good.

    The other point… four is better than three, three is better than two… two is better than one…

    Just because one thing: Not all must be in use, if you only have three lines, just leave one not used… if in the future you buy a new line… just add the new sim.

    One perfect motivation to have more than one on same mobile:
    -Just have one line per operator network (with Virtual operatos that is really cheap)

    In my case, where i live there are three operators / networks, some places one or two of them does not work… so i carry all three just to be able to use the network that operates… the price… 5€ per line each six months, so 5€ * 3Lines * 2 makes a total of 30€ per year.

    I primary use them to be localizable, i do not call much.

    Now it has appear a fourth network… if i find a virtual operator for such that makes me re-charge 5€ per six months or less i will have the fourth.

    I carry two dual sim phones on my pocket just to ensure if i find one… just plug the sim on the free socket and use it.

    If i knew there where four active like this phone… and no keyboard i can buy one and only carry one phone.

    So it is very interesting for me to know about Quad-SIMs mobiles, that reasons i told makes them very interesting.

    But for me: battery must be able to let you charge it only on Sundays and use it all the week without powering it off… also a second fully charged battery on pocket, just in case some calls make battery get empty.

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