Sony PlayStation 4 in Stores on November for $399 (US), €399 (Europe)

After a long journey of presentations and advances and after having disclosed the price, Sony officially announces launch dates for its next-generation console, the PlayStation 4 which will touch Europe after the U.S. and Canada. The war between rival consoles has been back to light for several months now. The two main competitors, Sony and Microsoft have unlined all their weapons and now we have to wait for the devices to come within the reach of buyers. The Japanese company respects the time and reveals the pre-announced launch dates of the PlayStation 4, in the same period in which Xbox One will also be released.

After a generation when the PlayStation 3, even though a big number of people still buy PS3 games at BIG W, was not as satisfactory as the consoles of the rival console manufacturers, Sony seems to be in good position to prevail this time, offering an attractive product in terms of capacity, terms of use and price. The Play Station 4 follows the previous versions in design and aims to be a gaming platform that is more classic than the rival. Inside there is an AMD 8-core Jaguar accompanied by an AMD GPU and 8GB of RAM, Wi-Fi connectivity, Bluetooth, and of course DVD and Blue-ray, while the controller which is also quite classical in its form will also have a touch panel but Sony will not bundle the PlayStation Camera.

PS4 Release Date and Pricing in US, Canada, Europe

Sony will release the PlayStation 4 Nov. 15 in the territories of the United States and Canada, and two weeks later, on November 29 in Europe. As predicted the price will be €399, a price range lower than the Xbox One that will cost €499, a convincing difference especially given the bad publicity obtained from the Microsoft console with the controversy relating to restrictions on used games and always-on politics. Latin America will see the console on November 29th as well.

Do you know who designed the PS4? Summi Tetsu is the person behind the way you will have the new Sony console and in an interview he explains what reasons led him to decide the final design.

The interior is not always the most important. Better yet, on a console almost the only thing we look at is the power, RAM, hard disk and other hardware-related components but the design also has relevance after all. Thanks to a good design the console does not have to regret heat issues with the lens failures and other faults that unfortunately have almost always been attached to the first steps of each console.

For PS4, Tetsu Summi is the person who has been behind the whole process of design and external appearance. He explains that “When we started designing PS4, we did not start thinking about what form it should have. We thought more of how we would create a new brand identity through product.

He admits that his first thought was “totally different” compared to the design that the Sony console will eventually have, but his philosophy remained present throughout the process. Proof of this are the bold and surprising lines and contours of PS4.

Summi wanted to create a simple object to the lounge without being exaggerated and to look beautiful from every angle. From the first PlayStation, we can say that models of Sony consoles have not been overly groundbreaking, always following the same line breaks with PS4 more than any other. But Tetsu Summi is not only responsible for the look of the console but also participated in the new Dualshock 4, its charging station, the vertical support, the headphones and more.

PS4 may have won the next-generation console wars already by undercutting Microsoft xBox right out of the gate. The PS4 will also be region free and allow owners to upgrade hard drive storage, stuffs that Microsoft has restricted in the Xbox One. With pricing now set in stone, Amazon, Best Buy, GameStop, and Walmart have begun taking pre-orders for Sony’s next-gen console.

I think the PlayStation brand image needs to change a bit as it is a new console and we have to show that we are pointing to the future. That’s why I thought it must be one of the most elegant Sony products, fantastic and intelligent.But is it enough to create a product as sophisticated as its designer says?

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3 Responses to " Sony PlayStation 4 in Stores on November for $399 (US), €399 (Europe) "

  1. Vhinz says:

    Gaming consoles never get too old, I’m a fan of Playstations and this PS4 from Sony can really match any other gaming console that will come out in the market for sure.

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  2. Sanket says:

    Finally the day comes for which I was waiting really Play Station Rocks and BTW Thanks for the post buddy :)
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  3. Anis says:

    The ps4 really rocks I really should purchase it
    I think it comes with somehow cheap price,399$ for a new realesed console is good price tag
    thanks for sharing!
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