The Latest Roundup of Ultimate Apple iPad 2 Cases

If you have been looking for unique and best cases for your new Apple iPad 2, look no further. We completely understand that if you already own or plan on purchasing a new iPad 2, you definitely want to invest in an awesome case for it as well. With a 64GB iPad 2 priced at $829.99cost not including downloaded apps, warranties, or service plans, there is no reason why you shouldn’t purchase a cover for it.

Risking that much money by loosely carrying around such a high-priced gadget is simply ridiculous. Not only will a good case/cover protect your iPad 2 from any accidental spills or scratches, but it will also afford you a better peace of mind. Some service and protection plans can’t even be purchased until you keep your iPad in a case.

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However, keeping your iPad 2 in a case doesn’t have to be cumbersome. In fact, there are many iPad 2 cases that come in a wide variety of styles to fit each owner’s unique personality while also offering different levels of protection. Some of the more popular iPad 2 cases include:

The Arcadia IMP35B

This cover is designed solely to cover the back of your iPad2. Although this cover may seem like it doesn’t provide enough protection, it does provide extra grip so you don’t have to worry about it sliding around and it works in conjunction with the Apple Smart Cover to provide additional protection.

The Trent IMP23B

For those willing to pay a little extra for their case, the new Trent IMP23B offers users more protection and better functions. With this case, you are able to safely prop your iPad 2 up, and the case offers 3 adjustable angles so you are able to watch movies or videos, or type out emails in whatever position works best for you.

The Trent IMP38B

For those wishing to use their iPad much more like a laptop, the Trent IMP38B is for them. This hard-bodied case offers users a built-in blue tooth keyboard along with the ability to rotate their iPad 2 in one of four different positions. You are even able to rotate the stand a full 360 degrees.

If you are already willing to purchase a cover for your iPhone and iPod, you should also be willing to purchase one for your iPad 2 which comes at a much higher price. Don’t risk shattering or scratching the screen of your iPad 2 simply because you wanted to save a few bucks on your already high priced purchase.

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Buy a case. It will keep you from flinching every time your iPad bumps into something and from clenching it to your chest like it is “your precious” when walking around in public.


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