Top 10 Best Gadget Gifts For Him (Men)

Looking for that perfect gadget gift for the man in your life or another male acquaintance? One of these interesting gadgets is sure to please him. In some cases voucher codes are available on the internet that will save you money when making a purchase. Check out a few of our top 10 best gifts for men that will help you think outside the tie box to find gifts as distinctive as your guy. From pocket projector for iPhone 4S to techie tools and beyond, we’ll make him feel like a king — even if it’s a very small kingdom.

Whether it’s for Christmas, New Year, Father’s Day, Valentine’s day or just because you love your guy so much, here’s our top suggestions that will bring a smile to his cheeky face.

1. Pioneer AppRadio 2

This handy radio allows integration of an Android Smartphone, car radio, MP3 player, Pandora and other apps, enabling the user to listen to whatever they want while traveling. The large, 7-inch touchscreen is easy to use and the unit can handle hands-free calling via Bluetooth. The day and time display is conveniently located at front and center.

2. Switch Salt & Pepper Dispenser

A cool-looking cube designed to resemble a light switch filled with two seasonings. Simply flip the toggle to go from salt to pepper and back again. Not only useful, but also a great conversation starter.

3. Induction Charger

How convenient is this? Simply lay the rechargeable devices on the mat, forget them for a while, and when you come back, they are charged. No more hunting for the right connector or buying various adapters that you might well lose.

4. Schick Hydro 5 Power Select Razor

Five blades, three speeds and one ergonomic handle. Add to that a gel strip that protects your skin with aloe vera and vitamin E and a trimmer for nice straight lines, and you have a winner of a razor. Battery-operated, there is even an indicator so your man will know when he is getting low on power to help him take better care of this gadget.

5. Movies. James Bond Movies

That’s right, all 22 James Bond movies, plus additional content, are packaged together by MGM and 20th Century Fox in a collection called, for some reason, Bond 50. Get this collection and you can relax with movies and a drink – shaken, not stirred of course.

6. Liquipel

Does your man love his smartphone? If the answer is definitely yes, then he will love Liquipel. This product provides a nano-sized overall protective film for phones that is invisible to the human eye. No more voided warranties and ruined phones from too much exposure to moisture!

7. Pocket Projector for iPhone 4(S)

Got a ton of photos and videos on your iPhone 4S with no way to show them except via the phone’s own small screen? No problem! Just dock your phone into the Pocket Projector and display away at 15 lumens, with a 640×360 native resolution and an integrated .5 W speaker. The unit recharges via USB.

8. Corkcicle Wine Chiller

This very clever invention is a cork-topped icy flute of BPA-free plastic containing a gel. After being chilled in your freezer the Corkcicle will keep a bottle of white wine at exactly the right temperature. After you have taken the bottle from the fridge you pour out the first glass and then you simply insert the Corkcicle into the bottle. It will then keep the wine at the ideal temperature without affecting it in any other way.

9. LED Retrofit Light Bulbs

What produces a good light and can last a very long time? These cool light bulbs, that’s what. Giving off a warmer light than compact fluorescent without the attendant safe-disposal problems – these bulbs promise about 80,000 hours of illumination and only use 11 watts of power.

10. Bombs Away Shot Glasses

Being sure to start a conversation, these frosted glasses with a military theme might be great to use when viewing the Bond 50 collection above. The internal part of the glass is shaped like a bomb with its fins at the bottom.


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