Top 10 Best Tips for Google Nexus 10 Tablet

If you’re looking to purchase Google’s Nexus 10 tablet then you’ve come to the right place. The Samsung manufactured Google Nexus 10″ tablet is a beauty to work with. With a retina-besting 2560×1600 resolution, the Samsung-built Google Nexus 10 tablet packs the world’s highest resolution tablet display. And at 10.055 inches, this equates to 300 ppi. It is powered by the latest generation Exynos 5250 processor, which features two ARM Cortex A15 cores running at 1.7 GHz and a powerful ARM Mali T604 GPU. The device comes with 2 GB of RAM, and either 16 or 32 GB of internal storage. Most importantly, the Nexus 10 is one of the two lead devices for Android 4.2, the revamped version of Jelly Bean. Here are 10 great advices for Nexus 10 users (general advice, tips & tricks, etc). Post your favorite Nexus 10 tips in comments.

Install Good Tracking Software

Make use of software so you don’t have to regret losing your lovely device. Try ‘Where’s My Droid’ app that lets you track your tablet if you lose it or if it is stolen. If you upgrade, you can even lock your device, use the camera to take a look at the thief and erase data, if you are unable to retrieve your Nexus. Run the setup and connect the Commander screen to your Google account without fail.

Expand Nexus 10 Memory

While the Nexus has a big screen size, it does not have a memory expansion slot. But you can add your own memory stick. Get a USB cable and try the Stickmount. If yours is a rooted device, you’ll need an app to view files, like the ES File Explorer. If the gadget is not rooted, buy the Nexus Media Importer and move music, documents, photos and videos from your memory stick. Or enable PTP on the Nexus. Do remember to invest in a USB OTG to miniUSB adapter.

Enable Gesture Typing

The standard Android keyboard now allows you to slide your finger over the letters you want to type, and lift it after each word. You don’t need to worry about spaces, because they’re added automatically for you. This feature used to be only found in premium apps like Swype. Now you can use it whenever you like.

For Better Performance

There are a few complaints of slow performance that can be fixed too. If you’re seeing lag when you swipe across screens, type on the keyboard, open the app drawer or while scrolling in the browser, take heart, here’s a simple tip. Find the Google Currents App and get to Settings. Once there, uncheck Enable Background Sync. Reboot your device. This should get your performance up.

Boost Battery Power

Switch off your battery and let it charge through the night. This way, you can get through the entire day, with normal use, without running out of power. Alternately, think of charging in the afternoon or around lunch. You can also adjust the brightness of your screen, to conserve more power. Try Screen Filter and your screen gets as dark as you want it. Privacy and power saving all at once. You could also upgrade your screen background to get more battery life.

Send SMS Texts Directly from Nexus 10 Tablet

There are several different ways to send SMS texts from your Nexus 10, but my favorite is an app called Tablet Talk. This app uses Bluetooth to talk to your smartphone. This app is nice because the person you’re texting does not need to install any special software, and all texts are sent using your mobile number. With Tablet Talk you can have a text conversation on your tablet just like you would on your phone. This is a paid app ($3) but I think it’s worth it.

Expand Nexus 10 Keyboard

Since the Nexus 10 has such a large screen you may want to expand to a full-sized PC-style keyboard that includes number keys and extras like the screenshot above has. Go to Settings/Language & input and then touch the settings Sliders next to ‘Android keyboard.’ Next, touch ‘Advanced settings’ and touch ‘Custom input styles.’ It may say Deutsch and Francais, but you can ignore that. Touch ‘Add Style’ near the upper right. Then select your language and change the layout from QWERTY to ‘PC’ or one of the other styles. Now touch ‘Add’ and you’ll see your new style appear in the list. Touch ‘Enable’ and use the back key to go back to the Language & input screen. Now touch ‘Input languages’ near the top and uncheck ‘Use system language.’ Lastly, touch ‘English (US) (PC)’ and you’re done.

Use Cloud

Earlier we talked about the limited memory on the Google Nexus. If you want to move your music from your computer to your device, use cloud to do it. In fact, Google Music lets you store up to 20,000 songs for free and all you need is the app and a Wi-Fi connection to access them thereafter. Download Google’s Music Manager software and upload your music.

Get the Latest Android Version

Needless to say, there’s been an update since your Nexus was built so install the latest. It will take you minutes to do and your device will be the better for it.

Find Nexus 10- friendly Apps

Nexus 10 is a special tablet that needs special apps. Google recommends that you download some of the following apps: Pinterest, Friendcaster,, Plume, Netflix, Autodesk Sketchbook Pro for Tablets, Taptu, Picsay Pro, Magic Piano, Office Suite Pro, HD Widgets, Zoomingo, News Republic for Tablets, Hipmunk, SeriesGuide, Pulse News, Evernote, Cut the Rope Experiments HD, Hulu Plus, Expedia, TED, Strikefleet Omega, Zappos, Sprinkle, SwiftyKey3 Tablet, Pocket, OpenTable, Fancy, Ocean HD, SplashTop Remote Desktop HD, Fandango Movies for Tablets, Trulio, Cat in the Hat, Google Currents and Heros Call.

These tips were shared by Carlene Masker who is a technology enthusiast who is fond of writing helpful tips and fresh tidbits of information about the different fields in technology and innovation. She is currently working with Telco Services where you can find the latest information on Verizon FiOS deals. Did we miss any Nexus 10 cool tips? Feel free to let us know via comments.


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