Top 15 Best Cases And Covers To Protect Your New Shiny iPhone 4S

Apple has always been known as a innovative company because the range of great products it has to offer for gadget freaks. Already known as a trend setter in the market of tablet pc by giving the whole community a great product called Apple iPad that really changed the world.

This time Apple launched the iPhone 4S – next generation iPhone outfitted with extremely powerful features, Siri voice assistant, dual core processor, powerful camera and much more. If this multi-facilitated iPhone 4S has convinced you to cut down some of your expenses and you are proud owner of the one, I guess you might be looking for some smart cases and covers to protect it right away from dust, scratches,fingerprints, etc.

These smart covers and cases protect your iPhone 4S from scratches and dust and also make your iPhone 4S stand out of the crowd. Scroll down to get latest designs of iPhones 4S cases and covers.

XtremeMac Tuffwrap Shift Case

This wonderful case of iPhone 4S is available in green, pink, blue, purple, grey and orange colors. The heast activated color changing technology used to make these cases creates nostalgia of 80’s. This fantastic iPhone 4S case is obtainable at the price tag of$29.99.

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Speck CandyShell Card Case

This is one of the most popular and trendy iPhone 4S case. It sports a lovely Candy Shell and the slot in back which makes it look trendy and chic. This case is available in the colors and is pretty much affordable at a cost of $39.95.

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Survivor case

This case is especially designed for the military personnel. It has sealed ports and multiplayer protection which makes it sturdy enough to protect your iPhone4S in military field. The survivor case is available in many colors and is tagged with$49.99.

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Tough Skin Case

If you belong to some rough and tough profession this case is the best for your iPhone4s. It has a dual protective layer which keeps your phone safe and its rubberized material provides a firm grip for your phone and avoids falling. This brawny case is available for$39.95.

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Otterbox Commuter Series Case

This case is popular for its good look, but besides the good looks it s three layered cover and screen protector provides the wonderful protection for your expensive iPhone4S. This cool iPhone 4S case is available for $34.95 right away.

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Case-Mate Tough Case

This exteriors of this case is made of a hard shell and the interiors are made of the silicone skin providing the best quality protection to your iPhone 4S. This tough case is available at a price tag of $34.99. Also check out Case-Mate’s radiation bouncing iPhone 4 case.

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Incase Bird’s Nest Snap Case

This case though is made of a very light material but still provides a good quality protection to your pricey iPhone 4S. If you want a unique look for your iPhone with a light weight case, this one is the best for you. This iPhone 4S case is just for $34.95.

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ID America Gasket Case

This uniquely designed iPhone 4S case is available in six colors- Rally blue, modern bronze, aluminum silver, jet black, titanium gray and vintage gold. This light weight iPhone 4S case is available at just $29.99.

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Agent18 ShoutShield

Specially designed for iPhone 4S this playful case provides extra grip and strong edges for your precious iPhone. It is pretty affordable at $29.95.

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Angry Birds Case

This is again a very popular iPhone 4S case. This ultra slim case is very light in weight and allows complete access to all ports of your iPhone 4S. This lovely angry birds case is available at £24.99.

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Ted Baker Patent Leather Style Apple iPhone 4S Pouch

This leather zipper pouch is specially designed for women. This leather pouch is available in red and black color and is perfect for the finicky women. The case has a satin lining which provide good protection to your iPhone 4S from scratches. This one is quite expensive and available for a price tag of $47.95.

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Case-Mate Stand Case

This is the best case for you if you are looking for a slimmer case for your iPhone 4S. It is made of a flexible plastic material which allows you to access all the ports easily. You can also put this case on stand and watch movies on your lovely phone. You can buy it for $30.00.

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Kenzo Patent Leather Pouch

This is one of the most elegant and decent leather pouch for the iPhone 4S and protects your phone from the dust and scratches very well. It is embossed with the Japanese Kenzo Logo in the back and on the front. It has a beautiful red floral lining which gives it a lovely look. This elegant case is available at $33.95.

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Cygnet Molecule Case

This silicone case is available in red, blue, purple, orange, grey and white colors. This light weight case brings a new look to your iPhone 4S. It is one of the cheapest cases of iPhone 4S but is a bit slippery. You can buy it for just $19.99.

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FabShell Burton

This case is made from Speck and is considered as one of the best iPhone4S cases. FabShell Burton is flexible and gives your iPhone 4S a chic look. This case also has a thin layered cover for the buttons to protect them from dust and scratches. This lovely iPhone 4S case is available at $39.95.

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