Top 3 Best Reasons to Buy an Apple iPad

‘Which tablet PC to buy’ can be a nice little problem to have, for many. It’s safe to say that while many of us would like an Apple iPad, it can seem hard to justify the purchase. For one, they’re a pretty expensive piece of kit; and for two, it’s hard to see exactly what it is tablet PCs do that other gadgets you already have don’t do already.

Your smartphone can cover your messaging and iPod needs, while your laptop or home computer covers gives you gaming, surfing and office duties. While an iPad has been proved to improve your blogging experience, how are you going to justify bringing an iPad to your home tech party?

Top 3 Best Reasons to Buy an Apple iPad

The ‘Sofa Surfer’ Tablet

A real key to the popularity of the iPad is convenience. While at first that 10-inch screen may seem a little redundant, for most people it’s more than enough for getting online. More and more we turn to the internet to check everything from a bit of TV trivia to following up a news story.

Especially for those little tasks that will just take a moment, you really don’t want to be firing up the laptop; by the time it’s powered up you could already have checked that factoid on the iPad and got back to your life. This is because your iPad runs on the much lighter iOS operating system as seen on smartphones, meaning it starts up in no time.

‘Small Screen’ has ‘Big Convenience’

Talking of small screens, the lightness and portability of an iPad makes it perfect for all those tasks that are simply a pain on your mobile Of course you could turn to your iPhone for video, Facebook and the like, but that little screen really isn’t ideal for surfing – good at a pinch on the move, but at home it’s just a pain.

An iPad makes social networking a pleasure, while the likes of YouTube come to life compared to that little three-inch screen you may be used to. You can also use it to catch up on your favourite shows when someone else in the family has taken over the TV – and it doesn’t matter where in the house you watch it either.

A Family Affair

Finally, if you’re looking for a selling point to get it past the rest of the family (who may want to spend those spare pennies on the likes of shoes/toys/food etc) remember iPad is great for all the family too.

For one, getting around an iPad is much simpler than trying to get to grips with a full-on laptop or home computer. The icon driven user interface is quick to grasp, while there’s much less that can go wrong or get in the way of getting to the program they need.

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This can be great to gets kids into computing, but can also be a boon for older members of the family who may well be put off by the general idea of computers. Simply, an iPad is far less intimidating and can be gently introduced as a way to view images, watch television clips and the like.

Author Bio: Chris Marling contributes ‘How the iPad can improve your home’ on behalf of iPad Genie. Follow the link to find more information on the best iPad 3 contract.


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