Top 3 Best Tips to Buy a Quality Laptop (Notebook) For Mobile Computing

Need BEST tips from computer experts to buy the perfect thinnest laptop? Buying a new laptop computer can be both frustrating and expensive. If you want to compute with more mobility you are advised to pay close attention to the specifications of the computer you buy.

Laptop and Notebook Computers Buying Tips

Portability and good performance make laptop PCs an essential part of the daily lives of millions of people, from college students to business travelers. Even the least-expensive of today’s laptops are well equipped for everyday work (including mobility) and come with minimal maintenance needs.

Processing Power and Graphics Capabilities

Now, this depends to a degree on what you want your computer to do – but generally speaking if you are looking for speed and easy transition between tasks, then you want a dual core processor at the top of its game. AMD and Intel both supply a range of dual core processors, and you can even squeeze performance in some gaming laptops up to 8 core. The graphics card you use will determine not only the smoothness of your images, but the degree to which you can see what the image’s transmitter intends you to see.

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From high quality gaming to watching HDTV on your laptop, you won’t get more than the upper limit of your graphics card’s capability – so make sure you specify a good one when you get your free laptop (though if it’s free you may not have a choice). Radeon is the current name to play with.

Wireless Capabilities

Obviously you can’t do mobile computing unless your laptop can connect to wireless routers using its own internal connection. Pretty much every free laptop will have the ability to find a wireless signal and use it so this shouldn’t be a problem. There are, though, extras you can add if you want to make sure you always have a mobile internet signal.

A 4G dongle will let you connect to the internet through a cell phone provider. The dongle has a SIM card in it, which uses the mobile phone signal to deliver an internet connection. For use in cities, any phone provider is OK.

If you live away from a city though you should make thorough check to find out how good or bad the mobile internet coverage from the different providers is in your area. Most dongles are on contracts, so once you’re in you’re in, and that’s useless if you end up with a company that doesn’t provide a signal worth using.

Battery Life

All laptop batteries are basically useless – in that even the most powerful ones quickly each a stage where they require charging every hour if you’re doing anything other than just staring at the screen. There are ways to prolong your battery life, though.

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Empty the battery fully every time you use it, and only keep the computer plugged in long enough to fully recharge it. If you keep your laptop plugged in all the time, the battery will die in a matter of weeks.

Because of the unimpressive battery life of most laptop batteries, you need to make sure you have at least one fully charged spare with you wherever you go. And bear in mind, the more computing you do (so the more stuff you have open and the harder the processor and cooling systems have to work), the quicker your battery will run out of juice. You can always try our proven tips to extend laptop’s battery life though.

Have you recently bought a new laptop? Are you considering one? Any killer selling points? Let us know in the comments below.


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